Before you read ahead, I want you to first quote the reasons in the comment section that what you think why students fail in CA exam. Come on, do some introspection. Deep down we all know why we failed. Vocalise your thoughts in the comment section and you will see half the problem is solved there. 

Done speaking your heart out? Let’s start now.

Are you facing failure in CA exams? Are you not getting the desired results? Have you not able to find the reasons why students fail in CA exam? If all these things are happening with you then this article is for you. Come on, give it a reading. It will definitely clear your doubts and will give you a boost to accept your failure and start again.

Who is Responsible for the Failure?

Maybe I am a little bit rude but let’s do a reality check here. Nowadays it has become a trend for students to blame ICAI for their failure in exams. But is ICAI responsible for failure in each & every case? And the answer is No, Definitely No. If ICAI is not responsible then who is responsible? Are you responsible? Is your teacher responsible? Is your family responsible? Are your friends responsible? Someone is definitely responsible for this. But who?

Its human nature to blame others for your wrongdoings, so we being in this situation of failure tend to blame ICAI for our wrongdoings. Let me tell you the truth, students are themselves responsible for their failures. Shocked? Well, the truth can be shocking and painful too. You are not able to find reasons for your failures. Please do a self-assessment before blaming ICAI or examiners.

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Disclaimer: The ongoing protest against ICAI has brought up various cases where deserving students failed because of the carelessness of the evaluators. So we’re not considering those cases. We’re considering the rest of the cases where students who have not prepared well, yet blame ICAI for their failures.

Major Reasons of Why Students fail in CA Exams

In this article, we are going to tell you about the major reasons why students fail in CA exams. We are going to discuss the points on which students have to work to improve their preparations. They have much ability to find the loopholes in the preparations and capability to overcome it. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Lack of proper planning and prioritizing

90% of the students are not able to prioritize their studies because they have not allotted proper time to all the subjects and to all the important topics. They either do a lot of practice for one subject or don’t do any practice at all.


For example, if we have allotted 5 days for a subject like Taxation then we try to complete the small chapters first in order to gain a sense of achievement. And those chapters which we decided to complete first are not even that scoring or important for that matter. But we did those chapters for the sake of a false sense of achievement that “Wow, I have completed good amount syllabus”. Doing this we completely missed out on the important topics which can really help us score better.

Tips on how to deal with this

For example, if you have decided to complete taxation in 10 days. So, in the first 6 days, try to complete important chapters from which 60% of the paper is going to come & in the next 4 days complete the rest of the 40%. I know you’re going to say that CA Exams are totally unpredictable and no one can tell what is important and what is not. 

But if you refer the Marking Scheme for every subject shared by ICAI then you will get a brief idea of what chapters are scoring and what chapters are less important. 

If you want to know the marking scheme refer following links:

Check Out | Marking Scheme for CA Exams (New Syllabus)

More often than not, this pattern is followed by examiners while setting up the paper.

I understand that you are able to allot time for subjects easily but mistake done by you here is that you are not able to decide which topics to cover on the first day, which to cover on the second day & so on. You can cover your 20% of the syllabus in the first 6 days or you can cover 80% of the syllabus in the first 6 days, it entirely depends on you how you plan.

Prioritize your chapters also along with your subjects. Decide which chapter needs more attention & practice and which can be given less time. Prioritize what is important & what can be left out. This way, you can save a lot of time and your efforts will be devoted to the most scoring topics.

Ignoring RTP’s, Mock Test Papers & Suggested Answers

Have you included solving RTP’s, Mock Test Papers in your busy schedule? Do you care to go through the suggested answers released by ICAI? 

CA exams are about your complete preparation. Have you ever thought about what is institute expecting from your answer? When you solve RTP’s, Mock Test Papers & Suggested Answers you will get to know what exactly institute is expecting from you. By solving all these things you also get to know the presentation techniques. You should include solving RTP’s, Mock Test Papers & Suggested Answers in your exam planning. 

Confused Souls

Students often get confused between different books & teachers. You need to study according to ICAI study material. Don’t get confused between different books, just study in sync with ICAI material. Some students change their books in the last month of preparation. Some get influenced by their friends & start studying from their friends’ books. Please stop doing all these things. Some get stuck between fast track batches & revision batches & they are not able to plan their time for self-studies.

See there are two types of students one who can understand things & remember things only when they hear it from somebody. Such type of students should definitely go for fast track batches & revision batches. The second type of students is who can remember things only by doing self-study. If you belong to the second category please give devote more time for self-studies. Students please don’t get confused between the different things or do things just because your friends are doing it.

Attempting Test Series without preparation

If you are sitting for a test series without even completing your syllabus, then you are simply wasting your time. Let’s suppose you have given one week for preparation of accounts & within that you are giving the test of law also without doing any revision of the Law subject. It’s pretty obvious that you will not be able to perform in the Law test. And because of Law Test, your schedule for accounts will also get disturbed.

Please analyze the status of your studies before blindly enrolling yourself for any test series. With the advent of online education, you have the freedom to give test series at your own will, so enrol for a test series only after completing your syllabus at least once. Then only you can judge your preparation level, then only you will know what are your weaknesses and what are your strengths.

Negative sells, yeah but only in the RockStar Movie, not in real life

We worry about the things that don’t matter. Students think of results without even giving their 100% and care more irrelevant things. We all go through emotions like – What if I will not pass? This is my 3rd attempt what if I fail again? Will I be able to clear in the first attempt? 

The problem with negative thoughts is that we worry over things that don’t matter at the moment. You should rather worry about “Man, I really need to work on my theory, I can’t write good answers” or “Dude, I suck at practical questions, I need to do a great amount of practice to get better” or “I should use less of social media” or I should watch less of political news as it corrupts my mind and I can’t afford this in the middle of intense preparations” These are the things you should worry about and not “what if I fail” kind of thoughts. Such kind of negative thoughts are baseless and completely unproductive.

You have to be GODDAMN positive. You HAVE TO do away with these thoughts or else you’re doomed.

Next time your mind is clouded with such thoughts, you better question your subconscious mind “Is this productive? Is it going to help me pass the exam in any way? Is it making me a better person?” The answer to all these questions is a BIG NO. You wouldn’t let rats/insects stay in your house, so why let these completely irrelevant thoughts stay in your mind for even a second?

Closing Remarks

None of this is made up. These things have actually happened to me. I have witnessed a series of negative thoughts blending in my mind leading nowhere making me a complete mess. 

It’s an old saying that you can learn in two ways

By failing yourself and then learning from the bad experiences.

Or by learning from other’s failures.

And you know who is a smart person? The one who learns from others’ mistakes and ensures that he/she doesn’t commit those mistakes. 

So that’s all from my side. Hope this helps.