This article is about “Why Physical Health Is Important For Students?”

The students keep studying harder and harder just to crack the exams and understandably so. But the one thing which is side-lined among all is physical health. There happens to be no sleeping and eating schedule at all. Students consume whole time for studying and resting. There is no physical activity at all, and that’s where the problems arise.

It is obviously important to study hard for exams, but in the process, we should not ignore physical health. We are not saying to take the gym membership and hit the gym every single morning. What we are saying is to incorporate some physical activity in the daily schedule, even 30-40 minutes a day will do. You can do some basic exercises or yoga as per your preference. In this article, we are going to discuss why physical health is important for students

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Importance of Physical Health

1. To Allow The Mind To Function In The Best Manner

You must have heard, “A healthy mind stays in a healthy body”. It means you can’t expect your mind to be sharp enough if you aren’t physically healthy. Suppose you’re having problems with your back or stomach, you can’t put the required amount of attention to the task in hand, and the result may not be the same you expect for.

2. To Keep Diseases At Miles Distance

We all know that many of the new-age diseases are directly or indirectly related to obesity, and hence it becomes important to keep your fat in control. We are not asking to chisel your abs, because perhaps that’s not required. The thing to keep in mind is you shouldn’t be overweight as per the Body-Mass Index (BMI). Keep tracking your weight regularly.

3. To Avoid Problems In The Long Run

We are all here to stay in the long term. Whatever knowledge we will acquire will be valid until our body works. Once our body stops functioning, then the acquired knowledge will be of no use. Hence, it becomes essential to treat our body with care.

4. To Seem Confident

When your body looks in shape, you gain confidence automatically. Suppose there are two persons out of which one is in good shape, and another one seems a bit fluffier. 9 out of 10 times, the person in good shape will have a greater impact regarding what he says or does, even if the other does the same thing. It’s the human perception, no one can do much about it, but to work on himself.

The theme of this blog is to be physically healthy and usually by the term “healthy” we mean being fluffy. For clarification purpose, in this blog, we don’t mean fluffy by the team healthy. Further, when we are saying to be physically fit, we don’t mean to have proper body cuts and abs. Because, having that sort of body do take time and efforts, which is not very available for students. The only requirement for students is to keep an eye on how their body is functioning & if required, do needful for remediation.

What Can Be Done To Take Care Of Physical Health

1. Avoid Junk Food

This is the most basic advice. We all intake junk food once in a while, not because we tend to be hungry, but because we feel like having that. It’s storing fat in your body and making you slow, hence please avoid that, eat fruits and salads instead.

2. Exercise Regularly

We have been listening to the benefits of exercise since our childhood, but how much do we implement that? Barely anything I reckon. Start exercising regularly &for this you don’t need to be in the gym all the time, 30-40 minutes of exercise a day will suffice.

3. Walk A Few Miles

We have become too conservative about our body, we hardly walk any distance these days, thanks to the means of transport available to us. But while doing so, we are ignoring the great benefits of walking. While walking, most of the muscles get involved etc. legs, hands, core etc. and that is beneficial for our body. Further, our mind tends to work better while walking. So, even if you don’t have to go anywhere, walk a bit of distance.

The need here is to have control over the mind because it’s the mind only which has ultimate control over the body. If you wish to get up early in the morning or you need to work-out or anything else for that matter, you need to function your mind accordingly. You can’t direct your body directly. Hence you need to learn to program your mind.

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Remember the fact, till the time you will be alive, you will need this body. So, as to make sure that your body serves your purpose, you are bound to take care of your body. The purpose of this blog is to create awareness about the importance of physical health among students because it’s the most neglected area. We do everything to crack our exams, but what about our physical health. Food for thought???

If you have any suggestion or query, write that below in the comment section. Share this with your friends & family. Many thanks for sparing time and going through this.