We all know about Microsoft Excel. Among all the computer programs Excel has become one of the most important computer software. It has become an integral part of organisations across the world. Because of its importance employees are required to learn it to enter or to stay in an organisation. Most of the companies mentioned in their job description that they want employees who possess knowledge of Excel. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the features of excel & how you can become job-ready by learning Microsoft Excel.

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Features of  Microsoft Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet software & it is important because it plays various key roles in many organisations. It saves time & makes our work easy. Following are some important features of it:

  • It played an important role in doing calculations & formula based arithmetic.
  • Many organisations used this software for creating memos, track sales trend & other business data.
  • It has the ability to serve as a visual basic for different applications.
  • Its grid interface allows users to organise any kind of data.
  • This software has a flexibility feature which allows a user to manage the structure of information with ease.
  • Science background professionals can also use excel as it allows them to efficiently work with statistical formulas & graphing. 
  • Small size organisations also use excel for performing their basic accounting activities.
  • Users can keep a track on their sale & purchase by using excel.
  • It has features of charts & graphs. By using these features users can present data in an effective manner.

How you can become job-ready with Microsoft Excel

We all know in today’s date excel is an important software. Every employer wants his employees to have knowledge of it so that they can work effectively in the organisation. Every working professional need to learn excel to maintain his stability in the organisation & freshers need to learn it to enter in an organisation.

If you know how to operate excel you are job-ready and no one can stop you from your development & growth. Following are some advantages of this software from job point of view:

Great Job Opportunities

If you possess knowledge of excel you stand better among other candidates & you will get preference among all. Therefore excel skills bring great job opportunities for you. Organisations want employees who have great analyzing skills and be an expert in excel, in that way you became the strength for the company. This will lead you to some awesome job opportunities.

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Save vital amount of time with the help of Microsoft Excel

Managing & analysing data require a decent amount of time & If you are aware of all the functions of excel you can perform a job in the least possible time. Therefore with the help of this software, you can save a significant amount of time & become an efficient employee. Excel can become quite useful for your career as time has significant importance in the business world.

Increase in Management Skills & Knowledge

Excel skills are also helpful in increasing knowledge & management skills. When you learn it you will get to know about all the complex functions of this software like financial formulas, cell formatting, use of graphical representation etc. After learning all these functions you will be able to manage & analyze data in an efficient manner, thus, it will increase your management skills & knowledge.

Better Pay Perspective

You don’t need to bother about the salary if you are well trained in excel. Having trained in this software means you have some amazing skills which make you stand out among other employees & you have more value to the employer. Every organisation want to hire skilled MIS professionals & they are ready to pay good amount of salary for this. So if you possess knowledge of MS Excel you can grab any good package

P.S: We are providing free classes of Microsoft excel on Youtube. All who want to learn excel can take benefit of this opportunity as excel courses are costly.

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The Benefit of MS Excel Certificate

This certificate is mainly for the recruiters because certificate gives the surety to the employer about your knowledge in it. This will help you to get an increase in your pay scale. Chances of getting a job increases if you a valid certificate of MS excel as it will assure the employer that you have learnt this software & you possess knowledge about it. Many organisations give priority to candidates who possess a certificate of their technical skills. So from the job point of view having a certificate is a plus point for you. 


MS Excel skills give wings to your career as it can provide some great career opportunities. It will open doors of different career opportunities for you. According to me, every student & working professional should have knowledge of excel because the career scope of this software is great in the job market. 

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