Aren’t their days when we don’t feel like studying? It’s like no matter how hard we try, the brain’s like, “Not today!” We apply every possible method, but all of them go away in vain. So what to do on days like those? Are you also trying to find the answer to this question? If yes, then I am here to help you as I also faced this situation a lot of times. I am going to share my real-life tricks to tackle this situation and what did I do when I feel the same. 

So in this article, we will discuss ‘what to do when we don’t feel like studying?’

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Things To Do When We Don’t Feel Like Studying

Take a break

At times, we occupy ourselves with so many tasks that it becomes difficult for our brain to handle. That’s where we need to press pause. We need to take a break and relax our mind. Taking a break does not mean forgetting our studies. The whole purpose is to take a moment from our hectic schedule and rest our brain.

Take a nap

What do we do when our mobile phones or PC/Laptops start glitching? We charge them and restart them. Don’t we? Similarly, when the human body starts getting exhausted, we need to charge and restart it. Now, how do we do that with the human body? We take a nap. Naps are like charging and restarting methods for human bodies. When we take a nap, we feel fresh. That’s when we can resume our studies.

Relax our brain and body

We, students, fail to realise the importance of meditation, yoga, and workout in our daily life. These help us feel better. Meditation clears our brain from all clutters. Yoga provides us with better posture and prolonged bodily functions. Workouts keep us healthy and active. These are important for obvious scientific reasons, of which I am not going into details today.

Revising what we like

We all have our favourite subjects, don’t we? And we all have probably mastered our favourite subject. Now, for exam purpose, we need to give more time to the subjects that require more practice. At the same time, we need to revise what we have already learnt, i.e., our favourite subjects. Now, this is a simple maths. We give a major portion of time to subjects where we need to put in the extra effort. And we revise the subjects already learnt when we don’t feel like studying. This way, we enjoy the period of studying our favourite subject and avoid time wastage.

Investing in skill development

Exams are important. And so is our skill development. When we step in the corporate world, people will know us by the skills we possess. As a CA Student, it gets more important for us to add value to ourselves.

How do we do that? We can improve ourselves by-

  • Learning a new language
  • Improving our computer proficiency
  • Working on our communication skills
  • Practising writing abilities
  • Practising public speaking
  • Keeping ourselves updated with daily news
  • Regularly checking out Government websites

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Doing what we like

Suppose you love singing and dancing. How often you get a chance to sing or dance when you’re a CA Student? Rarely, right? So, on days you can’t study; indulge yourself in activities for which you hardly get time. That could be singing, dancing, painting, reading, writing, playing a musical instrument, talking to an old friend. Anything.

Arranging or organising stuff

If you have an OCD like me for everything to be organised in a particular manner, you will relate to this. For people like us, who want everything to be in a certain way, it turns out very satisfactory to do some cleaning/arranging/organising. These kinds of activities that involve removing all clutter or arranging our study area or even room refresh our mind. It makes us believe that WE are in control of everything. Once we feel everything is in order, we can get back to studies with a calm and fresh mind.

Spending some time with parents

Those who are lucky enough to live with their parents should spend some time with them. For those who stay away for their studies, should talk to them. Being in their presence elevates happy hormones in our mind. It gives us a break from our same old hectic lifestyle. The ideal situation should be to spend some time with them daily. But when it’s not quite possible, we should try to take out some time and do that. After all, it’s because of them that we all have come so far.

And finally, there’s always an option to fight all the resistance and sit down to study. We can either kill all the distractions and study or relax and train our brain. But what we cannot afford to do is, sit idle and waste time.

Bonus ‘behind the scene’ shot

Ironically, while writing on this topic, I did not feel like writing. It was more like, ‘what to do on days we don’t feel like writing?’ So what did I do? I followed everything I mentioned above. And all of them helped.

Consequently, it became ‘preach what you practice’. All the points came directly from real-life experiences :p

Hope you like this article, feel free to share any more points you all feel I might have missed. Also, share what you all do when you face such kind of situation while studying. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends & family.