As soon as we all get free from our worries of 12th grade Board Examinations, we step up to face the real world.

The situations that we consider facing the real world are :

  • Choosing a college that suits our goals
  • Choosing a professional course that supports our ambitions
  • Leaving our parents and moving out for building a career
  • Working hard late nights to earn for a living

In the real world, there is no mercy. We are the one at the sail, we are the master of our sea. No one is there to tell us what to do and what not to do. No one is there to give us a heads up. We stumble and learn ourselves. There are things that no one tells us and we learn them on our own. People who have elder siblings or cousins or other people guiding them through it all are lucky. As for the rest of us, we are left with the following three options available to us :

  • Learning things on our own
  • Talking to experienced people and learning from them
  • Passing on our experience and sharing them with others

Among a lot of other possible professional courses, one that we’re going to discuss right now is Chartered Accountancy Course.

Here are the things that no one tells us while joining CA Courses :

Not a course for “Intelligent Students Only”

It is generally believed that Chartered Accountancy is a course for intelligent students only. Well, it’s time we accept that it’s not.

Irrespective of the field we belong to, the Chartered Accountancy course has subjects that are new to students of all streams. We all start at zero. So here, the matter is really about the quantum of hard work and not intelligence.

It has been seen that even average students score well in Chartered Accountancy exams when they employ enough hard work. On the other hand, it has also been seen that the brightest of students clear the examinations in multiple attempts.

Never miss classes

The biggest of all issues arise when students are not regular for their classes. Once we start skipping classes, there is no going back. Everybody tells us to be regular to classes. Nobody tells us why. A load of taking backup classes gets piled up and it gets difficult to cope up with regular classes, once we start missing classes. Now we have to do regular classes as well as backup classes. And then comes a point where we even skip the backup classes. Here is the point where we start losing interest and gradually, the maximum of us give up.

Same Lesson Same Day

As hectic as it might be to do classes all day long, it takes just one hour to revise something learned the very same day. There is literally no use of classes if we do not revise our lessons. It would simply be like going out for watching a play where we just enjoy the audio-visuals. When we revise the lessons learned on the very same day, it refreshes what we learned.  It reduces the possibility of feeling blank while opening books after three months. This saves us from all the possible embarrassment in our own eyes.

Distractions Distractions, everywhere

Do you ever eavesdrop on people’s conversation and think about how lucky they are to party every Friday?  Do you ever see couples on the sideways and feel that they are smart enough not to choose the Chartered Accountancy course where we do not even get time to go up to our crush and talk to them? Do you get ever get jealous of cousins talking about using phones in their college classes?

Well, what you should know is that they are living their lives and we are living ours. A few years of fixated focussed hard work and we will have all the time in this world to do fun.

Practice as much as you can

“Practice makes a man perfect”

The Chartered Accountancy course is all about practice. The more you practice, the more you become efficient at it.

An average student with a lot of practice has a better chance at it than a sharp intelligent nerd with minimal practice.

So really, this course has nothing to do with what kind of students we were in the past.

The number of attempts does not matter

Clearing Chartered Accountancy examinations in the very first attempt give a different kind of incomparable happiness and motivation.

Having said that, we all also need to realize that the number of attempts does not matter as long as we are willing to analyze and rectify our mistakes and get back on the field.

It’s not about the number of attempts, but what we learn from each of them and how we move ahead.

Running after Articleship in  Big 4 Firms

Did Cousin Montgomery repeatedly mention how important it is for you to fetch marks to get into the Big 4 Firms for your Articleship? Yes.

Did she give you words as to what might happen if you chose mid-sized or small-sized firms? No.

We have always been made to believe things without being provided with proper reasoning about everything.

Going to Big 4 firms is hands down the best scope of exposure to the corporate world.

Although, in mid-sized and small-sized firms, where there is not a lot of pressure, we get to be a part of each and every procedure. While, at the Big 4 firms, we experience more of a specialization-based exposure.

It really does not matter where we do our Articleship from, as long as we learn something new every day.

It does not matter what people think

Do people pay for your tuition classes? Do people help you with your doubts? Do people stay awake the whole night with you while you are studying? Do people come to your room every hour and ask what do you need? Do people see how you go to attend classes even on the days you are down with a fever?

Answer to all these questions is a big fat NO.

When people do not get involved in these major portions of our course, then nothing gives them a right to do so at the time of our results.

When we do not owe anything to these people, then really there is no reason for us to get affected by their judgments.

Honestly, if your parents are there with you, supporting you through the thicks and thins of it, there is nothing to worry about.

And if unfortunately, they are not, they compare you with other kids who cleared their examinations in the first attempt with exemption marks getting a handsome stipend at Articleship, then you should remember not to take that personally. Their words are not intentionally hurtful. They are innocent and speak their heart. They are probably dealing with their own issues. But they do love you. They are the ones to hold us when we cry at our negative results.

So these are the things that we either learn them on our own or they just come to us when we need them the most.