Questions- How loud did you scream when you saw that *PASS* today on your CA Foundation results? Jumped a lot or not? Who was the first person you called after clearing your CA foundation? Probably your parents, isn’t it? How happy did they sound? You could’ve clearly visualized them beaming with pride, couldn’t you? Started booking tickets for Delhi because “best CA Coaching to Delhi me hi hai”? Told yourself you’re going to clear both groups of CA Inter in the first attempt, right? And yes, please tell me the answer to these questions in the comments below, okay? I’m curious.

So, CA Foundation Results are announced. And to all those who have cleared the exam, Congratulations. You have cleared the first milestone, way too go. Welcome to the world of Intermediate, i.e, the world of reality. *insert Monica’s quote here*, or I’ll just include the GIF of it here-

What to do after Results?

So, what should you do now that the results are announced? This blog is for those who have cleared their CA Foundation exams. There’ll be another part for those who weren’t able to clear it. Stay tuned. And yes, please read the entire blog and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

What to do after results if you cleared your CA Foundation exams?

what after clearing ca foundation

Party, maybe? After all, it is a big, happy day. The hard work has finally paid off and this is the time to reward yourself. But after you are done partying, you should start with the following steps-


Please, access your decision. I know it might sound contradictory, but before moving ahead in this CA journey, ask yourself if you really want to continue this course? Especially those who have cleared their CA Foundation/CA CPT exam in 3-4 attempts. You are high on adrenaline now, it’ll stay that way for a month or two but what after then? Read this blog on Life after CA and ask if that is your ideal life. Sure, it’ll be for a lot of you. But for those of you who don’t think it is your ideal life, please stop right here and don’t go ahead on this path. There’s more to life than just a course.

Don’t go ahead in this CA journey without asking yourself – why are you *really* doing CA? Why did you choose CA course?

Again, I can’t emphasize how important this is, but please do ask yourself this question. And if your answer is anywhere around because your parents asked you, because your friends are doing CA, because your teacher told you to, because CA is the best course in commerce stream, because you don’t know about any other course, then please, PAUSE right here.

Do you see how I asked you to ‘pause’ and not ‘stop’? Pause because you have to keep all these answers aside and ask yourself what you really really want. Maybe you are a creative person who likes to paint, sketch or draw, or maybe you have a knack for crafts and creating new stuff. Go for Bachelors of Fine Arts then. But please don’t continue the CA Course without having a proper answer by which you are satisfied. And don’t think about ‘Abba nahi manenge’ because ‘Abba maan jaenge’, try to karo?

what after clearing ca foundation

I know it’s not a small decision, and in hindsight, this seems to be a good option since you’ve already cleared your CA Foundation. But the very reason that it’s not a small decision, shouldn’t you give this a bit more time and thought? Sit with your parents and discuss it through. Take your time. And I’ll stop with this rant but trust me I can go on and on on this. So, if you wanna talk about it, comment below and I’ll reply.

Go through the CA Intermediate Syllabus

Yes, the entire syllabus is available online on ICAI’s Board of Studies Portal. Make use of it. See what new subjects you’ll be facing. Do not forget to read the initial pages. Students generally miss out on that but the initial pages are a gem of a place to start your journey. ICAI has dedicated a whole “Before we begin…” section. ICAI does so much for the students and yet students don’t make use of it. ICAI talks about the Role of CA, the skills required at CA Intermediate level, it gives insight about the subject and helps you know the syllabus. Each and everything mentioned in the initial pages are required for a better understanding of the course. It’s going to help you a lot. And with the help of this, you can also decide whether you really wanna do CA or your passion lies somewhere else.

what after results ca foundation

Analyse which subjects you can prepare on your own

Contrary to the usual belief, you don’t need to take coaching for all the subjects. Each student is different, and the requirements of each student are different too. Analyse what do you need. And take your coaching classes as per your requirements. There’s no need for you to follow the herd.

Be true to yourself. Lie to the whole world, if you may. But never ever lie to yourself.

Research about the teachers

Get on Google, do some research. You have already decided which of the subjects you need coaching for (hopefully). Just go on Google and type away “CA Inter Audit classes” or “best teacher for CA Intermediate Audit…” maybe or whatever question comes to your mind. You’ll definitely get something which can help you find a list of teachers. Once you have the list of teachers, just type their names on Google and see their Google reviews. Things to keep in mind while checking Google Reviews – the higher the number of reviews, the better. And, the higher the rating, the better. Read a few reviews and you’ll get to know about the teacher. And then you can take your decision. We have a blog about the things you should keep in mind while choosing CA Inter classes, check it out, maybe?

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On a side note, to all those who are planning to book tickets for Delhi because “best CA Coaching and CA Teachers to Delhi me hi hain”, Don’t. Now best teachers are not bounded by area, best teachers can be found at the comfort of your home as well. Go for Pendrive or online classes of reliable and experienced teachers. It is way better than wasting your time in commuting daily and fussing about mess ka khana.

Write a letter to your future self

This might sound lame to you right now, but you will thank me later. You are high on adrenaline and feel like you can conquer the world at this very moment. But months later, when you are feeling down, when the burden of the course is too much to handle, this is something you can go back to. Write a letter to your future self. Pen down how you feel like you can clear both groups of CA Intermediate in the first attempt, write down exactly what you are feeling. And then when you are deep down in this CA course and need to know why you started, read that letter. Doesn’t matter if you’re not a brilliant writer, that letter won’t be for the world to see, it’s something just for you. Do it, you won’t regret.

Register for CA Intermediate

Ah! that feeling. The sudden realization that you’re no longer at the entry-level but are in the CA Intermediate. How long you’ve waited for this day. Hoping that you have done the introspection and the analysis, now, the next step is to seize the moment and get yourself registered for the Intermediate level with the ICAI.

what after clearing ca foundation

Prepare a schedule for yourself

Irrespective of whether you’re taking any classes or going for self-study, you should always have a *realistic* schedule. *realistic* part is the key. Don’t overburden yourself with unrealistic goals. Keep small goals and keep on achieving them. 9 months are enough for preparation, if managed right.

Be regular

Whether you’re joining coaching classes, taking pen drive or online classes, or doing self-preparation, be regular and persistent. First few weeks will be a cakewalk but later it’ll be hard to keep pace. The only way you can reach your goal of becoming a CA is through persistence. Attend your classes, or study in the schedule you have fixed and later you can party, or go to that movie you wanted to watch. But never miss your classes.

trust me, it is.

So, if you really wanna clear your exams in the first attempt then do yourself a favour and never skip your classes.

Revise Immediately

You’ll have every reason not to revise what you learnt in your class on the same day. You had back to back classes, three classes a day, classes were of three hours each, and when we add the commuting time then you spent nearly 12 hours of your day for your classes. How on earth are you supposed to revise the classes on the same day? Where’s the time? Told you, you’d have every reason not to revise on the same day but there’ll be only one reason to do revise and that is because you want to clear your CA Intermediate exam in the very first attempt.

what after clearing ca foundation

Do not put yourself in “I’ll skip this attempt and get a rank in the next one”

I repeat, DO NOT. There’s no such thing as “I’ll skip this attempt and get a rank in the next one. If you have November attempt then give November attempt. You’ve filled the form, you’re planning to give the next attempt, what most can this attempt do? Max to max you’ll fail, right? Aren’t you already planning to give the next attempt? Where’s the loss then? You’ll have a hands-on exam room experience by giving your attempt. This is your attempt, you’ve already paid for the exam form, just go and give your all in those 3 hours. And then start preparing for your next attempt like you were planning to.

mock test paper

Well, that was all the gyaan I had to give. If you’ve just cleared your CA Foundation exam and thinking what should you do after clearing CA Foundation then I hope this blog helped you a little in gaining some perspective. Whatever you decide, just know that CA Course is not the end of the world, it’s just the beginning of your career. If you have anything to say, drop it in the comments below.