So, it’s been a week since the release of Intermediate and Intermediate (IPC) results. What have we studied? How many portions have we covered? Oh, before all of that, have we decided if we even want to appear for this November 2019 attempt? Have we cracked the biggest question of the era, “I Group or Both Groups?” and “If a single group, then which one?” Have we even filled up the examination form? We totally forgot about that one, didn’t we? The last date for filling up the exam form is 7th September 2019 (without late fee) and 10th September 2019 (with late fee).

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Coming this far, we all are wondering the purpose of this blog. Aren’t we? Well, Karen, just be patient for a while! This blog is not exactly a regular blog. This is more like a Blog-Journal. We all know what a journal is, right? It’s a daily record of everyday events to track our progress. So what are we going to do here?

Let’s see. I, like many of you, am going to appear for the Intermediate (IPC) Examination this November 2019 under the Old Scheme of Education and Training. This is not my 1st attempt. And I know where I am lagging. Many of us don’t exactly know what timetable to follow, which subject to pick up first, how to study, neither do I. But I believe, if we all come together as a group and get into this together, we actually might achieve something. We all can study together. As in, we all can keep track of our studies, together.

The Plan

What I am going to do is, study the whole day and update my report by the end of the day. Similarly, you all can leave your daily update in the comment section below. I’ll be appearing for Group 1 Papers. I’ve got an exemption in the 2nd paper, i.e., Business Laws, Ethics and Communication. So, my update would be on the remaining 3 papers of Group 1. It could be anything for you guys. Like, someone appearing for Group 1 may update their Group 1 preparation. Someone appearing for Group 2 may update their Group 2 preparation. And the same goes for those appearing for both the Groups.

We have 2 whole months. 2 whole months is not less, guys. From 1st September 2019 to 31st October 2019, if we all genuinely study properly and update our report online, we actually might see some positive changes.

The Fear

Now, I know. It’s very difficult, updating our study report online. Some of us feel ashamed, some of us feel exposed and vulnerable, some of us feel ‘Koi Nazar laga dega’ and so on. But, maybe that’s okay. We all have our own way of working. This might not make us pass the examination in this very attempt. I admit. There is no guarantee. Even I might not pass. Some of you might come up and say, “Itna kuch karne ke baad bhi kya huaa, Kajol? You toh failed!” But I am willing to volunteer. I am ready to do something as risky as updating my study status online, every day for 2 months. And I think, that’s something that actually counts. If I make a public commitment, I’ll be willing to push myself further and bring myself up to the mark.

The Backstage

Look, I get it. It’s not that easy. I had the option to post this anonymously, safeguarding my own identity. And I’m not even gonna lie. I chose the easy way. I chose to go anonymous so that my crippling anxiety would stay intact. But then, someone made me realise how important it is that you all connect with me in order to get an actual result.

“You’re asking them to be vulnerable while safeguarding yourself.” Well, this text started making much more sense when I realised that I’m not doing this just for myself. We’re all in this together. And if we actually are, I think I can at least take this leap of faith. I can volunteer. A true volunteer does not fear the outcome. I’m not certain if this will work or if I’ll pass or if I don’t pass, what will be the criticisms I receive. But I’ll take this risk and try my level best instead of sitting back and regretting.

I don’t know how many of you would be willing to join hands in this. I don’t know if any of you would even pay heed. But, I will keep on doing my job. I’m a volunteer and I will volunteer. 

Let’s Do it!


Day 0

Day 0? Yes. That’s right. We all need a “Ready, Steady, Go”, don’t we? We decide and commit to ourselves for doing something. And when we fail at it the very first day, we generally tend to give up. But this shall not be the case with us. We are CA Students. we do not have that option, do we? But I decided to tag this as Day 0 so that this day can be considered as the day we tried. This day counts whether or not we studied. This day counts because we tried. And even if we didn’t, hey, there’s always a new day awaiting us.

Now, first of all, Congratulations to all those who responded. You all took a step ahead. It warmed my heart. I’m glad that y’all are with me. Commitment or No Commitment, no issues. Y’all at least gave this a thought and THAT totally counts.

Now, for a start-off day being a breezy Sunday, how did y’all do? How much did y’all study? Did you sleep your whole day away? Did you go out on a Sunday Brunch? Doesn’t matter. Today, if you studied even for 5 minutes, it totally counts. Y’all get a free pass for Day 0. But from the next day, it is our responsibility to make sure that we genuinely study. No excuses!

My Study Status

Now, about me. Yes, I did study. Since it was a start-off day, I wanted to keep things light. I didn’t want to scare myself with a huge amount of pressure. I’m good with theory subjects. So, I started off with the theory portion.

Here’s what I’ve studied throughout the whole day:

Subject Chapter Number Chapter Name
Accounting 15 Accounting in Computerised Environment
Cost Accounting 1 Basic Concepts
Financial Management 1 Scope and Objectives of Financial Management
Income-tax Law 1 Basic Concepts
Indirect Taxes 1 GST in India – An Introduction

Also, come back to the same post at the end of the day to check my study status and to update yours. Now, I’d love to see what y’all have studied throughout the day. I’ll be waiting for your comments. Quickly comment down below to let me know if y’all also studied.

Quick Karen, I kept my promise. Time to show that so did you.

Welcome back, volunteers.

First of all, congratulations on your 1st step. I’m so so glad y’all are studying and sharing.

Now, I took up a very small chapter of Accounting – Profit or Loss Pre and Post Incorporation.

I practised all the sums from:

  • Study Material
  • Practice Manual
  • Past Examination Papers
  • RTP

What about y’all? How much did you conquer?

And for those appearing for both the groups, I might suggest:

  • Preparing a timetable and sticking to it.
  • Maintaining a balance between Practical and Theory subjects.
  • Sticking to ICAI’s mat.
  • Getting done with the difficult subjects, first.
  • Then, revising the easy subjects.

Do share today’s progress and all the best for tomorrow’s preparations.

Toodles 🙂

Welcome back, everyone. Great job on being so regular and serious. I took up a very small chapter from Accounting, today – Accounting for Bonus Issue. I know, it’s not much but I did the best I could so that I’ll never have to see this chapter again.

I practised all the sums from:

  • Study Material
  • Practice Manual
  • Past Examination Papers
  • RTP

Do share your status, too. Happy Learning.

Hi, all. I’m so glad to see everyone’s progress.

I couldn’t study the whole day because I wasn’t home. But, I tried to make it up by picking up the easiest chapter of Financial Management – Time Value of Money.

I practised all the sums from:

  • Study Material
  • Practice Manual
  • Past Examination Papers
  • RTP

Share your progress, too. Happy Learning.

Kudos to the ones who made it this far.

I picked up Ratio Analysis.

I practised all the sums from:

  • Study Material
  • Practice Manual
  • Past Examination Papers
  • RTP

I’m really proud of the ones still holding on. All the best. Happy Learning.

I’m sorry for the late update. I fell asleep.

I completed Cash Flow and Fund Flow Analysis.

I practised all the sums from:

  • Study Material
  • Practice Manual
  • Past Examination Papers
  • RTP

Glad to see everyone back on track.

I didn’t quite get a lot of time today. So, I started off by picking up theory portion of Cost Accounting. Completed 3 chapters and then moved on to Accounting Standard – 1, 2 and 10. Wrapping it up there for tonight.

Happy Learning, everyone. Keep sharing your progress.

Happy Sunday, right? Well, we are CA Students. All days are same for us. Glad to see everyone’s progress report. Good job my tigers.

I took up small chapters of Accounting:

Chapter 3 Profit or Loss Pre and Post Incorporation
Chapter 4 Accounting for Bonus Issue
Chapter 7 Average Due Date and Account Current
Chapter 8 Self Balancing Ledgers
Chapter 11 Hire Purchase and Instalment Sale Transactions
Chapter 13 Insurance Claims for Loss of Stock and Loss of Profit

How much of the day did y’all utilise? Don’t forget to drop your comments by the end of the day.

It’s never too late to start. Those who are starting new, all the best! Those who are studying, great job. And those who are not quite satisfied and feel that it’s not going full-on, bruh same!

That is why, keeping a light schedule for the upcoming week, I took up Financial Statements of Not-For-Profit Organisations. I solved all the questions from Study Material. Will gradually increase the syllabus coverage.

Studying a lot is not important. Studying is important. At times, we don’t feel like studying. We can freshen our minds and get back to our studies no matter how bad we want to procrastinate. The speed does not matter as long as we keep walking.

I know, these are hard times. But hold on and solve at least 7 sums.

All the best 🙂

Hi all. I continued with my Accounting schedule and solved all the questions from Study Material of Accounts from Incomplete Records.

I’m wrapping it up here for tonight. I solved the sums of Financial Statements of Not-For-Profit Organisations and Accounting from Incomplete Records from Practice Manual.

Hi all. Good going everyone! Proud of y’all.

I solved all the sums of Partnership from Study Material and Practice Manual.

Keep on updating your progress, too. All the best❤

Hi all. It’s great to see everyone studying so hard.

I’m aiming at strengthening my Accounting. Although I already did the small chapters but I wasn’t quite satisfied. So, I’m picking up the 6 small chapters once again.

I started off with Profit or Loss Pre and Post Incorporation.

I covered Study Material and Practice Manual. This did not take me whole day. I slept away my whole day. But, I have the whole night. I’ll pick up Accounting for Bonus Issue. And then rest of the small chapters, gradually.

Happy Learning to y’all.

It was a long day.

I started off with solving sums from SM and PM of Accounting for Bonus Issue.

Then I didn’t feel like studying much so I resorted a bit to binge-watching. Then I had some documentation work to do. After coming home, I solved all the questions from Study Material and Practice Manual of Average Due Date and Account Current. Then I slept. I woke up and solved all the questions from Study Material and Practice Manual of Hire Purchase and Instalment Sale Transactions.

Now is when my day is ending. Good Night and Good Morning y’all 😛

Solved all the questions from Study Material and Practice Manual of Self Balancing Ledgers and Insurance claims for loss of stock and loss of profit.

Great going everyone!

I spent my whole day completing Salaries. Cleared my concepts, solved all the questions and tested my preparation.

All the best. Keep updating your progress.

It was a very stupid day. I didn’t feel like studying at all. I have been feeling weak, the whole day. Yet, I managed to complete Income from House Properties. Cleared my concepts, solved all the questions and tested my preparation.

Health is an issue at this phase. Please take care all of you❤

So I started my day with the revision of Salaries and Income from House Properties.

Then, I moved on to the theory portion of Cost Accounting.

After that, I started and covered a few portions of Business/Profession.

Solved May 2019 Question Paper of Accounting.

Now, wrapping it up.

Hi all. I revised what I studied yesterday from Business/Profession. And then, continued with the rest of the chapter. Since PGBP in itself is a huge chapter, I did not pick up anything else.

It was a long day.

I started with revising PGBP. Then, it took me whole day to complete Capital Gains and Other Sources.

I spent the whole day revising 5 heads of income and then solved their MCQ.

Hi all. I know. My timing has kind of shifted. So, it took me almost whole day to complete the remaining chapters of taxation. Good Night and Good Morning y’all.

Hi all. We’ve come so far. It’s really great to see everyone studying so hard. I solved all the questions from Budgeting and Working Capital Management. Wrapping it up here for tonight.

All the best y’all ❤

Completing all the theory portion from Cost Accounting and Financial Management took me whole day.

I solved all the questions of Ratio Analysis and Fund Flow Analysis and Cash Flow Statement.

I completed the first 5 chapters from GST.

I completed the remaining 5 chapters from GST.

I completed half of the Accounting Standards.

I completed the remaining half of the Accounting Standards.

This is my last update.

It has been a great month with all you people. Now, just one month is left. So I’d rather want all of you to focus on your studies instead of taking the pains to update the study report. This one month, you all will have a mad sleep schedule. Nobody would even know when they fell asleep while studying. I get it all. So, there’s really no need to keep that headache of updating. Each and every minute now is precious.

I wish each one of you, all the very best for your exams. Happy Learning. Give your best. And, breathe. ❤