This is a post on behalf of all the CA Articles. Being in one of the BIG 4 I never thought or realised how serious is the Stipend Issue. I recently met one of my very close friend who is currently an article in Kolkata. He gets 2K as his monthly stipend. After doing the Articleship for one year he was forced to leave it due to his bad financial condition and he has to find a job for his living since his family could not support his further education.

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Articleship is one of the most important phases in the CA journey and in order to get the best out of it is to prepare yourself for the big game. Lot of students dont get articleship in good firms because of various reasons and not having skills like ms excel, presentation skills are one of the main reasons.

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This is a very common reality in our CA course. Most of the articles are between the age of 20 to 25 and stay outside their home cities to find good opportunities. At this age you need at least enough bucks to sustain your basic needs.I don’t think articles are less than employees for any CA firm. They work recklessly for 6-8 hrs daily. Coaching classes have also increased their fees in last few years.
This situation has lead many students leaving the course in mid and doing something else to make their life better.
Don’t you think the minimum stipend limit should be revised?
What are your views on this issue?

Article Credit: Dhuman Kumar

Dhuman Kumar