Does the thought of skipping the CA Exam attempt might come to your mind? The fear that I would fail or I would not be able to score good marks in this attempt, I’ll prepare for the next attempt or I’ll prepare for the rank in the next attempt….all these type of thoughts bothers you and insist you skip the upcoming attempt?

But, before coming to a decision, you should think once that by skipping the CA exam attempt what would you gain? Now, thoughts are moving in your mind that by skipping this attempt I will prepare for the next attempt better than this time….Isn’t it? Let’s try to answer these questions.

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Fear of Exams

You know what, thoughts like skipping exams or I will prepare for rank in the next attempt, is just procrastination. And you’ll keep procrastinating yourself until you realize that you are far behind from your peers or it’s too late for getting ready to give the exams. A thought will always come into your mind, that I am not ready to appear in this attempt for my CA exam. I will prepare for the rank in the next attempt or I will work hard to get good marks in the next attempt.

But let me clear you skipping the attempt will not lead you anywhere, instead, it will keep you stuck in the same place until you get ready to give the exams. This negative thought will force you to skip the attempt whenever you have to appear in exams.

Guys these kinds of thoughts will lead you to the delay of 6 months for being a CA, 6 months delay of your success, 6 months less for enjoying your success with your loved ones, 6 months delay in fulfilling your dream. And ultimately it cost you 6 months to do the things that you always wished for.

Skipping the CA Exam Attempt is a Fear or Comfort Zone?

You might feel I am still unprepared, so I will give the next attempt, and score good marks in the next one. But you need to know why you are feeling this because you don’t want to leave your comfort zone. You just want to be comfortable within your space. This comfort zone is just preventing you from being successful, from being the world-class person. You turn aside from fulfilling your dream, from your freedom to live the way as you always dreamed of.

It is not only the matter of exams but in every sphere of your life where hard work is required your comfort zone will keep preventing you from achieving your goals again and again. But you can leave this only when you are determined and hungry for your success. Comforts are forcing you to be average.

But let me tell you one thing life will not give you the same opportunity all the time, maybe circumstances would change in your next attempt. And if you think the time is a constraint for completing the syllabus, so don’t forget, you are that same person who gave exam by revising the whole syllabus in a night and still scored well. Your syllabus will shrink into the given time. You can still do it, you have the ability to do more than you think you can do, but to win you have to brush all your worries.

Questioning Yourself

Tell me one thing “Why the thought of skipping the CA exam attempt come into your mind?” The reason is fear that you might fail or it’s that you don’t want to make any efforts to step into your career.

If it’s Fear of being failed, guys fear will always come into the journey to stay away from achieving what you want. Every rank holder or every successful person on this earth has also faced the same fear. But the things they did to achieve that rank or success is they didn’t stick with their comfort zone. So stop being procrastinated, everyone faced the fear but they faced it with vision by keeping one mindset, “I am here to succeed only and there is no way far behind me.” As we have heard that

Winners don’t do different things, they do the same thing but differently.


Any fear or limitation you are thinking is only in your mind, there is no limit to achieving the success. This is the high time to show your audacity to put your heart and soul to achieve your success.  Friends utilize this opportunity this time only. If you really want success, you just need to have two things, i.e.

  1. Clear Focused Goal
  2. Undying energy to achieve that goal.

 So guys, stop being procrastinated, leave your comfort zone and face your fear with one mindset “I am here to win”. Everything is possible, your every goal is achievable but need to channel all your energy to that goal. You just need to lock all your negative thoughts in a box and kick it out far away from you. You have to focus on one thing that you can do it now and study harder so the success will be all yours.

I wish you All the Best for your exams and for your success!!

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