Everyone wants to do something or achieve their goals. But wanting and executing are two different things. So what’s the difference between those who make their goals and those who never reach their goals. It’s nothing else than self-motivation.

As we know, life is not a bed of roses; it has thorns also. Things are not constant in life. There are many times when we feel low. It depends on the person how he reacts to the situation.

It is self-motivation which keeps on forcing a person to work towards his/her goals.

Now, you might be wondering what the self-motivation is?

What is Self-Motivation?

importance of motivation

“Self-motivation is, in its simplest form, the force that drives you to do things.”

The best kind of motivation is self-motivation.

Self-motivation is the force that keeps pushing us to go on. It’s our internal drive to achieve, produce, develop, and keep moving forward. When you think you’re ready to quit something, or you don’t know how to start, your self-motivation is what pushes you to go on.

With self-motivation, you’ll learn and grow – regardless of the specific situation. That’s why it’s such a fundamental tool for reaching your goals, achieving your dreams, and succeeding, in this journey, we call life.

Daniel Goleman, the author of several seminal books on Emotional Intelligence, identified four elements that makeup motivation:

  • Personal drive to achieve, the desire to improve or to meet specific standards;
  • Commitment to personal or organizational goals;
  • The Initiative, which he defined as ‘readiness to act on opportunities’; and
  • Optimism, the ability to keep going and pursue goals in the face of setbacks.

What are the Advantages of Self-Motivation?

There are many advantages of self-motivation:

  • Self-motivated people tend to be more organized
  • They have excellent time management skills
  • Self-motivated people have more self-esteem
  • They are confident
  • Self-motivation lasts longer
  • They are straight forward, i.e., they know what they have to do and what don’t
  • They are bright, i.e., don’t get confused among available options
  • Understanding and developing your self-motivation can help you to take control of many other aspects of your life.

Some tips to Stay Self-Motivated

Setting high but realistic goals ( SMART ). It is a way to enhance self-motivation. Here, SMART refers to:

  • S – Specific
  • M- Measurable
  • A- Attainable
  • R- Realistic
  • T- Timely

Tips to Stay Self-Motivated

  • Seeking constant feedback to figure out how to improve. You can take feedback from your seniors about your work on a timely basis. You should always welcome their suggestions and implement them. If they tell you any negative point, then also accept and work on them.
  • Continue learning and acquiring knowledge (i.e., develop a love of learning). Keep yourself updated to the latest changes in the environment. Don’t fear from adopting them.
  • Spend time with motivated, enthusiastic, and supportive people. Stay away from negative people. Find some people who motivate you. They can be your parents, family, teachers, friends. You can use YouTube, Facebook and social sites where you can find motivational videos.
  • Cultivate a positive mindset and work on your optimism and resilience. Never fear from doing any work. You should have an attitude of “I can do it”. Always remember this-

“Don’t fear from failure keep putting your efforts,

You will succeed now or after some time”.

  • Identify your strengths and weakness and work on them. Work over your weaknesses and make them your power. For example- if you are a student and one of your subjects is weak, give that extra subject time.
  • Avoid procrastination and work on your time management skills. Set a daily target, make a proper time table and do your work accordingly. Don’t postpone your work.
  • Give yourself rewards for achieving your targets whenever you achieve your goals, compensation yourself. It motivates you.
  • Be your competition. Don’t compare yourself with others. Compare yourself with your previous self. It will help in keeping track of your progress and keep you motivated.

  • You can read self-motivation books to keep you motivated.

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So here are some tips which help to keep you self-motivated. We hope you like the article, please share it to your friends also might be he/she need it. If you have any tips apart from this please share in the comment section. So keep motivating yourself and others also.