CA is one of the most prestigious and demanding courses which has a wide scope in India as well as abroad. It needs patience, time, dedication, and hard work. Also, it is known to be one of the toughest courses. Due to a lot of hard work required, most of the students get confused whether they should do regular college or correspondence with the course. In fact, it is one of the common dilemmas which most of the CA students face.

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Regular College VS Correspondence

Here, are some points which would help you in deciding whether to join a regular college or not. Firstly, look at the advantages and disadvantages of attending regular college.

Advantages of Attending Regular College

Enhanced communication skills:

Engaging with friends in class discussions, debates, or/and even friendly chats will make your communication skills strong. Participation in such events makes you feel more confident.

regular college or correspondence along with CA

Society exposure:

College societies are an interesting place to make connections with people having mutual interest. It would be beneficial for you.

Overall personality development:

We all have heard our parents, teachers talking about personality development. This is what you get in college by participating in various events and seminars – your personality improves.

Campus placement:

Good colleges generally have campus placement for articleship. Some firms prefer regular college students so they recruit candidates directly from the college for articleship.

The resume:

Your resume would have more achievements and studying from regular college would definitely add up many things to your resume.

Diversified exposure:

In a regular college, a student gets a diversified opportunity to meet people with different career ambitions. You might meet people with ambitions such as MBA, UPSC, Law, etc. which widens your knowledge.

Increased network and links:

regular college benefit for CA students

You meet a lot of peoples with various goals and it increases your links which would be beneficial for you.

Same syllabus:

Mostly syllabus of graduation is covered in CA so you will not have to spend much time on your college syllabus.

Backup plan:

In case a student decides not to continue CA, then it would act as a backup plan as a candidate can get a lot of opportunities on the basis of regular college. We all have heard this phrase-

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

This is a piece of advice which means that one should not concentrate all efforts and resources in one area as one could lose everything. You don’t have to be diverted in many fields but you should keep at least one option as your backup plan.

Disadvantages of Attending Regular College

Just like a coin has two faces, everything has two sides too – one good and one bad. In the same way, there are some disadvantages to attending a regular college as well.

Hectic schedule:

It is quite a difficult task to manage CA classes along with college. You would have to maintain a balance between them. It will be tiring and sometimes you will get frustrated.

regular college or correspondence

Delay in articleship:

A student going to regular college has to wait for the completion of his/her college to commence articleship whereas a student from correspondence can join articleship immediately after clearing CA Intermediate/IPCC exams.

Managing college attendance:

Some colleges have very strict rules regarding attendance. If you are taking coaching then it would be difficult to manage both as due to classes you would have to miss some college lectures which may hamper your attendance. It may lead to trouble as you may not get admit cards.

If you have scored good marks in class 12th and you are getting a good college, then you should definitely join a regular college because it has many benefits as stated above. Attending regular college polishes your personality in many ways. It increases your achievements. You become more confident and your network expands. You can get campus placement opportunities and also come to know other career options.

SWOT Analysis

So, a student can make her/his choice to take admission in regular college or correspondence college by taking into consideration these points. Before taking any decision, s/he should make a proper analysis of the college and personal capabilities i.e do a SWOT Analysis. It is an analysis of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. It means that you should analyze your strengths and weaknesses and also take a glimpse about the colleges i.e what opportunities they provide you and what are its drawbacks.

For example: If you are an introvert then you should join regular college. By participating in the various events and seminars, you will gain some confidence and your personality would develop.

This was a personal opinion and suggestions after a proper analysis with an intention to help. Feel free to ask questions and you can share your experiences and suggestions in the comment box.

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