The May attempt of CA IPCC Advanced Accounts conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India a question sparked controversy. The debate started on the mention of Namo and Raga in a question of Advanced Accounts. Namo and Raga made an entry in a question wherein two companies were going for a merger.

The question mentioned, “Namo Ltd. took over Raga Ltd in an amalgamation in the nature of merger”.  This was taken as a lighthearted spoof in the beginning by students and memers across social channels but later turned into a controversy.

The debate on the name started as Namo and Raga are the abbreviated names of two of the most recognizable politicians of the country, Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi respectively.

namo raga in ca exams


Congress’ Take

“Educational institutes should be free of politics. This is a clear political agenda and we condemn it. There was no need to introduce political names in the question paper,”
Sachin Sawant, Congress Spokesperson

Congress spokesperson didn’t seem very happy with this mention and called it a cleared political agenda.

BJP’s Take

As reported by Mumbai Mirror, BJP spokesperson Keshav Upadhye, on the other hand, said that ICAI should address this

ICAI’s Take

Mumbai Mirror also contacted Dugesh Kabra, a member of the examination committee of ICAI, who denied any deliberate attempt at introducing the names in the question paper.

“We have no political affiliations. The ICAI was formed under the Parliament Act. It is difficult to find out as who put this question as the setting of a question paper goes through multiple layers.”
Dugesh Kabra, Member of the Examination Committee, ICAI

namo raga controversy
Different takes by different parties on this matter. What started as a lighthearted meme has now become a political debate. What’s your thought on it? Do you think ICAI should avoid putting such names in the question paper and stay out of controversies or any political alignment? Drop your views in the comments below.