We all need someone to say some obvious things once in a while. Don’t we? It’s more like a kind of gentle reminder. What are the points to be kept in mind during the preparation of CA exam? That’s exactly what we are going to discuss right now.

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Key Points To Be Kept In Mind During Exam Preparation

Following are some points we should consider during preparation of exams:

Making A Time-Table

Yes! I know! I know what’s going on in your mind.

“Oh, look at this. She’s back with time-table!”

“As if there’s any way we could follow it.”

“Easier said than done, mate!”

Hold your horses! We are in the Chartered Accountancy course, aren’t we? Do we believe that “Time-table toh follow nahi ho paata.” Is good enough a reason? No, right? If we can’t even follow a time-table, how do we expect ourselves to even complete our whole syllabus? I mean, okay. Do not follow it to the letter but at least consider following a time frame?

Suppose, I decide that today I will read 10 pages of IT. So now, whether we do it in the morning or at night, our goal is to complete the sworn task. Our goal should be to complete the task by the end of the day.

Following That Time-Table

Now, we can prepare an excellent time-table. But it will be of no good if we do not follow it. Execution is the toughest part. We can only rise if we manage to get through the execution phase. Until and unless we do not follow that time-table, there is no use of preparing that time-table.

Being Regular

Remember one of those times? When we get extremely motivated and make a time-table and even follow it for a day, for 2 days, even for a whole week. But what happens after that? Gradually, we start losing our grip and we start procrastinating. This, in return, leads to a huge pile of work undone. And that gets us back to the point of demotivation.

So, what is the solution to such a situation? Regularity. Being regular and being consistent is going to help us get through it all.

Frequent Revisions

What do we mean by frequent revisions?

We mean a revision routine repeating after a fixed interval of time.

For example, we study from Monday to Saturday. Now, we revise everything we studied during these 6 days, on Sunday. So every week, we are finishing off a particular portion, twice. That’s right!

Noting Down Mistake Zones

When we are revising our lessons, we ought to find some mistake zones. What do we do now? We note them down. This helps in the long run. Whenever we come across an adjustment that seems difficult, we note it down.

Using Colourful Pens To Make Notes

What are we, kids? Well, we need to be. Using colours will create visions in our mind. It will make easier to remember our lessons.

Using Colourful Sticky Notes

Colourful sticky notes. Colour coordinating pages to bookmark important pages will just save us time and make it easier for us to reach out to that lesson.

Solving Question Papers

I cannot stress this enough how important it is to solve papers. Pick up your question paper. Note the timing. Start solving it. Left some questions? Good! It’s better to fail right now than failing in exams, mate. Practice! That’s all we need.

Keeping A Calm Mind

A calm mind? Pfft! Good Luck with that, Kajol! Well, guess what? It is simple really. Just meditate for 5-10 minutes and you’ll be good to go. Don’t know how to meditate? Just breathe in and breathe out slowly for a few minutes. It soothes our mental space. Don’t believe me? Try it! Seriously. Try it and let me know in the comment section below if it helped or not. We have come so far. Technology has developed so much. We can download applications that help us meditate. Try, please?

Maintaining A Healthy Body

So now we are supposed to get a Gym membership? Great! No! Just basic P.T. Class moves. Basic stretches. Move your body a bit. The relatives are already delighted with teasing us for multiple attempts. Let’s not give them another opportunity with a Santa Claus belly. Work out make us happy. No Kajol, it aches my muscles. Dude, it makes us active. Those muscle aches are good. Never heard, “No pain, no gain”? Well, if it’s too much pain, I recommend not continuing it. But others, a little effort?

Indulging In A Proper Diet

DIETING, huh? Sshhh! Not a fancy diet, sweetums.

  • Just eat when you are hungry.
  • Eat something that does not make you sick.
  • Food cravings? Ask mum to make it at home.
  • Don’t live with mum? Make it yourself.
  • Is kitchen not available? Do anything but do not eat out or order in.
  • Eat fruits.
  • It’s winters. Eat veggies! So many options now.
  • Avoid junk food.
  • Avoid caffeine.
  • Do not consume a lot of sugar/salt.
  • Eat everything in moderation but do not stay hungry.
  • Take 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones.
  • Almonds!

Staying Away From Distractions

Distractions have a wide variety of definitions. For some distraction may be PUBG, while for others maybe social media. Some of us might love being on Netflix the whole day, while others might be addicted to books. So give it a thought and tone down distractions. Not at all asking to cut it out. That will make our whole life miserable. Just everything in moderation.

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So, those were some key points to be kept in mind during preparation. All we need to do is maintain discipline. Good manners never go out of style. Please study. Try some meditation and let me know in the comment section if it helped or not. Work out and show them that they’ve got the whole package in us. Eat well. Stay healthy. Take care. Do not indulge in anything that you might regret later. Good Luck! <3