*ICAI Results Declared!* Wait, no. Not yet. ICAI hasn’t declared the result yet, nor has it announced the date of declaration of the result. So, what are we gonna do? What is this blog about then? Anticipation. We are going to anticipate and try to figure out when approximately is ICAI going to declare the result, i.e, the CA Results expected date. According to the previous trends, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) might release the result for CA exams held in May 2019 in Mid-August for CA Foundation, CA IPCC/Intermediate, and CA Final.

ICAI Results May 2019 Expected Date

The exams for CA Foundation, CA IPCC/Intermediate, and CA Final ended on 24th June for all the levels at all the centres across India. Since the exams ended late, the results are supposed to be declared later than usual as well. Hence, we can expect the results to be declared in the third week of August.

Why CA Exams May 2019 were delayed?

Usually, ICAI holds CA exams in the first week of May starting from 2nd or 3rd May. But because of the General Elections 2019, the CA Exams got delayed. The 17th Lok Sabha Parliamentary elections were held from April 11th to May 19th, 2019. Since the election date and the exam date were clashing, the CA exams at all levels were postponed to start from May 27th, 2019.

It is hereby notified for general information that in view of Elections to the 17th Lok Sabha Parliamentary Constituencies across the country, the Chartered Accountant Examinations initially scheduled from 2nd May 2019 to 17th May 2019 stand rescheduled and the said examinations shall now be held from 27th May 2019 to 12th June, 2019.

-ICAI Announcement (11th March, 2019)

Have CA Exams got delayed before as well?

Yes. General Elections are usually held between April and May, i.e., the usual time of CA exams. Hence, every 5 years CA exams get a bit delayed. In 2014 as well, CA exams got delayed because of the 16th Lok Sabha elections. But this year, due to other reasons as well the already rescheduled exams were rescheduled. First because of the clash between UPSC exams and CA Exams, and CA exams and CS exams, the CA Foundation, and CA Final exams were rescheduled. Then because of the cyclone in Gujarat, exams at some cities in Saurashtra region were postponed to 24th June 2019. Hence delaying the overall commencement of the CA exams. This year there were a lot of changes in the centres as well in different cities due to different reasons.

Expected Date of CA Final Results and CA Foundation Results

As per the trend, CA Final and CA Foundation results are declared on the same day. In 2014, the CA Final result was declared on 8th August 2014. Since the exams this year are delayed for similar reasons, we can expect the CA Final result for May 2019 to be declared by the second week of August. And accordingly, CA Foundation results will be declared around the second week of August as well.

CA Final Result August 14th, 2019
CA Foundation Result August 14th, 2019
CA Intermediate/IPCC Result

Third week of August

Expected Date of CA Intermediate and CA IPCC Results

CA Intermediate and CA IPCC results are declared after the declaration on the CA Final and CA Foundation results. Similar to 2014, when CA IPCC results were declared on 21st August 2014, we can expect the CA Inter results to be declared in the third week of August.

CA Results are expected to be declared by the third week of August.


CA Final Result 13th August, 2019
CA Foundation Result 13th August, 2019
CA Intermediate/IPCC Result 23rd/24th August, 2019
*Result Date as per ICAI Announcement*

Expected Result Date according to Dainik Bhaskar

ca results expected date

According to the news by Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, the result of CA Final and CA Foundation are to be announced on 14th August, 2019. But there’s no official notification by ICAI yet, so we have to wait to get the actual result date. Stay tuned.

CA Final Result Date/CA Foundation Result Date Announced

CA Final Result DateAnd it is here. The date for CA Final results and CA Foundation result has been formally announced by The ICAI. Finally! And it is coming on, as anticipated, 14 August, 2019. Seems like the rumors were true after all.

CA Results Preponed

The ICAI has Preponed the dates of  CA Final (Old & New Course) and CA Foundation results. Recently the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) had made an official announcement to the CA Final ( Old & New Course) and CA Foundation result date on the notification dated August 3, 2019. Accordingly, the results were likely to be declared on Wednesday, the 14th of August 2019 around 6.00 P.M. Notwithstanding with announcement dated August 3, 2019, the Institute has made a forthwith pronouncement to the result dates.

As per the announcement results of CA Final Examination (Old Course & New Course) and Foundation Examination held in (May-June), 2019 are likely to be declared on Tuesday, the 13th of August 2019 (evening) / Wednesday, the 14th of  August 2019.

I am damn sure the announcement would have made your blood run cold, made you jump out of your sskkiinn! and make your heart miss a beat. But calm down, settle back now its there and you can’t do anything out of it. You were already in a get set position and now its time to take off. Be confident of what you have done and after all, you have toiled for months. The best is gonna be there. Don’t be disheartened on any low because the best is yet to come. #Believe your journey

If you wanna know all about CA Results, how to check the results, the passing criterion, passing percentages, Verification/Revaluation, then you may check it out on our page through the link provided below.

CA Intermediate/CA IPCC Result Date Announced

ICAI through its announcement dated 14th August, 2019 has announced the CA Intermediate and CA IPCC result dates. As per the announcement, the CA Inter/IPCC results are likely to be declared on 23rd August, 2019 (evening) or 24th August, 2019.

CA Intermediate CA IPCC result date

CA Intermediate/CA IPCC Result through email

The students of Intermediate Examination (Old Course & New Course) desirous of having results on their e-mail addresses can register their requests at the website icaiexam.icai.org from 18th August 2019. All those registering their requests will be provided with their results through e-mail on the e-mail addresses registered as above immediately after the declaration of the result.

CA Intermediate/CA IPCC Result through SMS

ca results through sms

Candidates can also get there results through SMS by following the given steps-

For getting results through SMS candidates should type:

Intermediate(IPC) Examination (Old Course)

CAIPCOLD (space) XXXXXX (Where XXXXXX is the six-digit Intermediate(IPC) Examination roll number of the candidate), e.g. CAIPCOLD 000128

Intermediate Examination (New Course)

CAIPCNEW (space) XXXXXX (Where XXXXXX is the six-digit Intermediate Examination roll number of the candidate), e.g. CAIPCNEW 000128

and send the message to

58888 – for all mobile services – India Times

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So, the anticipation is over now and it’s time for preparing yourself for your results. All the best, and hope for a positive CA result.

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How to check CA Results?

Students can check the results for CA exams at the following websites:

  1. www.icaiexam.icai.org
  2. www.caresults.icai.org
  3. www.icai.nic.in

Apart from that, the result can also be checked through SMS and e-mail. The details of which can be found through the below mentioned link.

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On the other hand, taking note of the changed paper pattern the results might come earlier than that of 2014. The MCQs have made the paper checking a bit easier so talk of the town is that the results might come around the first week of August. So, let’s wait for the official notification by ICAI for confirmation.

According to the previous trends, we tried to figure out the CA results expected date. The results for CA Foundation, CA Inter/CA IPCC, and CA Final might be declared by the third week of August. We’ll keep updating this article as and when more information comes in. So, keep an eye on this space.