In the latest announcement by ICAI, dated 18th July 2019, it is announced that Chapter 8 “Redemption of Debentures” of CA Intermediate Accounts has been modified.

What is the change?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India through an announcement on The BOS Announcement Portal announced this change. The change is made in Chapter 8 “Redemption of Debentures” of the Intermediate Paper 1: Accounting Study Material (Module II). The same has been uploaded on the BOS Knowledge Portal and the students can download the revised chapter from the website.

Revision of chapter 8 ICAI

Why is the module revised?

The revision in the Chapter “Redemption of Debentures” is made to facilitate the student to be updated with the latest practices. CA is a professional course so it is only sensible that the Board of Studies keeps on updating the study material to ensure that students are receiving utmost practical exposure and knowledge.

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Where can a student find the revised chapter?

The revised Chapter 8 “Redemption of Debentures” of Paper 1: Accounting can be downloaded from the Board of Studies website. As per ICAI, “The students of Intermediate level who have July 2017 Edition of the Study Material are required to ignore this chapter given in that material and are advised to read the updated chapter uploaded on the BoS Knowledge Portal of the Institute’s website at the given link.”

You can go on the ICAI website or simply download the revised chapter from here.

This is latest ICAI Announcement on the revision of Chapter 8 “Redemption of Debentures”. We provided you with the link from where you can easily download the chapter. Stay connected with CA91 for receiving the latest ICAI updates at the earliest. Check out our other blogs from the following links and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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