An important announcement has been made on the board of studies portal. The announcement tends to seek the attention of Direct Entry Students registered in intermediate course till 30th June 2019. ICAI had recently made an announcement dated 14-06-2019, on SSP (Self-service portal). The announcement mentioned that ICAI has decided to “waive off delay condonation fee on all application forms with transaction dates between 01st April 2019 to 30th June 2019 and submitted online by 31st July 2019.”

That is, the late fees on all application forms transacted between 01st April 2019 to 30th June 2019 and submitted online by 31st July 2019 will be waived off. SSP Portal i.e., Self Service Portal is newly launched portal of ICAI that provides the member and the students a digitalized platform. SSP Portal’s main initiative was to make all the offline services online. The announcement dated 31-o7-2019, is in relation to SSP Portal and it states the following.

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The Important Announcement (31-07-2019)

The announcement to the date is in link with the lapse in the service of SSP (Self-service portal). The announcement is in context with the Direct Entry Students registered under intermediate course till 30th June 2019. The announcement states that the candidates looking forward to the commencement of their practical training by 1st August 2019 for appearing in May 2020 examination may face some problem in due course of their registration to the portal.

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Chaos due to the lapse in service

The chaos due to the lapse in the service is that in case the candidates fail to commence their PT i.e., practical training by 1st August 2019 they will fail to complete 9-month practical training. And for the same, they won’t be eligible for the May 2020 examination.

The ICAI in Work-in-progress Mode

The Self Service Portal is a newly launched platform. The Portal is not fully updated as it is still on its initial ground. The competent authority is considering the matter and the outcome of the same will be shared with the students through an announcement by the third week of August 2019.

You may read or download the ICAI announcement for Direct Entry Students from the link provided.

The announcement seeks relief to the candidates who were distressed with continuous failure in the registration process. This is all the information and clarification from ICAI that we have till now of SSP Portal not working properly. Keep in line with the page for further updates on the matter.

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