CA exam is considered as one of the toughest exams in India because of its broad syllabus and the multiple numbers of the subject. Many students after 12th in commerce choose CA as their carrier option. But due to the lack of guidance, they are not able to pass the exam even in several attempts. The pass percentage of CA is very low, as only 5-6% of the applied students pass the exam in each attempt. This is because most of the students don’t know how to study for CA exams.

Keeping all this in mind, we are going to discuss the simple and essential ways to study for the CA exam which will help you to understand how to crack this nut. We are sharing some topics like the importance of the Study Material, How to Score Good Marks in Numerical exams, How to score good marks in theory exams, Study with Articleship, Best Time Table, Concept Register, etc. We are going to discuss all the valuable points on each topic for better understanding.

Study Material

Study material is the first thing which you need to properly understand the syllabus and to plan your studies for your CA exams. This is the most crucial thing which can make or break your dream of adding that prefix to your name.

Institute’s Study Material

No matter what anyone says, the best book for the CA course is the Institute‘s Study material. Whether you are taking coaching or doing self-studies in both the cases the Institute’s Study material is the best. Irrespective of the fact that the coaching centers provide their own books you must do the illustrations, unsolved questions and MCQ’s of the Institute’s Study Material for each subject in order to score good marks in the exam.

Practice Manual

The practice manual is now incorporated with the study material for the new course so you can study the important and relevant questions easily from there.

Important Previous Papers

For your exam preparation, you must refer to at least previous 5 years Revision Test Papers (RTP), Mock Test Papers(MTP) and Suggested Answers(SA) for static subjects like Accounts, Cost and Financial Management, etc. Do not refer to previous year papers for Tax. Always study from the current papers, i.e,  only for the papers which are for your relevant Finance Act. For example, if your exam is in November 2019, you can refer to the RTP, MTPs, SAs of May 2019 and MTPs and RTP of November 2019.

How to Score Good Marks in Numerical Subjects?

There are many numerical subjects in CA course. Such as Accounts, Cost Accounting, and Financial Management, Advanced Management Accounting, Strategic Financial Management (SFM), etc. If you have already completed a particular subject once through coaching or self-study, please try to follow below important points

  • Make a target of particular days to complete the revision of the full subject.
  • Now, start the subject chapter-wise, take all the questions of a single chapter and make a set of 10 questions each from the chapter. Suppose you have 30 questions in a chapter so you have to make 3 sets of 10 questions each and start solving.
  • After this, make a target to solve all those questions of a chapter in a maximum of 2 days.
  • Make Concept Register for the particular subjects for highlighting important concepts.
  • For further practice prepare the questions by properly solving it step by step.
  • Practice presenting the numerical questions in a proper format as it helps in score good marks.
  • In numerical papers, authority always put approx 10-30 marks of theory questions. So take question papers of previous 6-7 years and make a list of theory questions. Prepare those questions as it is sufficient for attempting the theory questions.

How to Score Good Marks in Theory?

As you know, the theory subjects are of the descriptive type which is not so easy to learn. It also needs practice like numerical subjects. Students take theory subjects very lightly which is the main reason for not clearing the exam. So try to respect theory subjects also and make the practice of writing the answers. Prepare notes of important topics of each chapter and revise from them. You don’t have to go through the whole book again and again if you have made good notes.

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How to Study for CA Exams with Articleship?

The biggest problem a student faces in the CA course is managing their study with articleship. Many times a question comes in your mind that you will not be able to clear your exams due to the office work. But it’s not true, the main reason for failure is lack of planning, not the office work. Below are some of the points which if you follow you will perform well in the limited time period.

  • You have to steal the time from your busy schedule of daily routine and office work.
  • Make a habit to study in the early morning before going to the office.
  • Be tech-friendly, you have so much online stuff like video lectures, pdf files, etc to study from or to revise in between of commutation from home to office and vice versa.
  • Make a good friend circle and discuss the study topics and syllabus.
  • Try to exploit your holidays, people are enjoying weekends but for CA you have to grab these opportunities to study better.
  • Next is short note preparation, like for law, auditing, etc make summary notes for easier preparation.
  • Make a better plan to spend 4 hrs to study in a day.
  • Complete assignments on time and make a good relation with your boss also.
  • Make yourself energetic by doing exercise, have a good diet, drink more water, etc.

Best Time Table

Do not make best the enemy of better.

The time table is the basic thing which you are following since childhood. It is the outlook of the management of any task whether it is big or small. In the CA course maintaining a time table is very important to utilize the whole day for studying. Make out maximum possible hours of a day to prepare a scheduled study. For making a schedule or a time table you have to first know about your personality type. After that, you will easily calculate how much time you need to study and when to study. Below are some of the important points which will help you to prepare your schedule:

  • Avoid that time for studying when distraction is on the peak, try to take a nap or do other works at that time of the day.
  • For preparation, try to wake up at 4 am in the morning and start studying till 10 am. During this time, the distraction level is very low and you can get enough time for concentrated study.
  • Completing this 6 hours of study to feel refreshed, take a nap of 1-2 hours.
  • After waking up, again try to study for a minimum of 3 hours from 12 pm to 3 pm and after this again take rest for 1 hour.
  • You have to complete 12 hours of study in a day for good preparation. From 4 pm you again start studying until 7 pm.
  • So the target of 12 hours is completed till 7 pm of the day easily. After this, you can go out with friends for 1 hour to refresh your mind.
  •  Try to plan for the next day between 8 PM to 10 PM. Go to your bed at 10 pm for sleep and the next morning again start from the second point.

We hope you like this article 0n how to study for CA exams and remember all the things for your preparation. If you use all the tips mentioned above, they definitely are going to help you with scoring good marks in exams. Please share this with your friends to make preparation effective. If you have any query regarding any point please mention in comment below.

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