In this blog, we are going to discuss how to overcome phone addiction.

Smartphones are a common thing these days & we all are addicted to it. Aren’t we? I think the majority of the people say yes to this question. Checking our mobile phone is the first thing we do when we wake up & the last thing we do before sleeping. We check our phones when we are walking, working, talking, driving, eating. Basically, we are busy on our phones most of the time of day. We all are aware of that mini heart attack we get when we can’t find our phone in our pocket or on the bed in the morning. According to a study, ‘we check our phones every 15 minutes even if we have no alerts or notifications’ and I think we all can relate to this as we all do this. The fun part is we all know we are a phone addict, but we can’t help it. 

I know the phone is an essential thing in our lives. It has made our lives easy & sorted. But my point here is we are using our phones more than we need to use it. We use it even if we don’t need it. This situation has made us a phone addict. We waste so much time on this device & we even don’t realise it when we are using it. Are you guys finding it impossible to stop the phone addiction? Let me tell you it is not impossible, we can say it is just a little bit difficult. In this article, we are going to share some tips which will help you to overcome your phone addiction. I am personally following these tips from 1 month & these are helping me a lot. 

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Tips To Overcome Phone Addiction

You don’t have to ditch your phone totally to overcome phone addiction, you just have to follow some simple tips so that you don’t overuse this device. Following are some tips that I am following & you can also follow to overcome phone addiction:

Stop Using Your Phone In Bed

This is the first thing you have to do if you really want to overcome your phone addiction. The blue light of the smartphone messes with our sleep hormones which is not good for our health. Make your bed a phone-free zone & don’t let your phone be the last thing you see at night & the first thing you check in the morning. I know it will be difficult for the first few nights but eventually, you will see a positive difference in your sleep routine & health.

Delete Unnecessary Apps

Let’s admit it most of the apps on our phones are useless. You just have to figure out which apps you don’t use. Once you identify the useless apps delete them. When I sat down and checked my phone I realised that I have multiple camera, TV& game apps on my phone & I waste so much time on them. So I removed all these unnecessary apps. You also have to do the same. Now is the right time to do it. Come on, take a pause from this article and hunt down the unnecessary apps, JUST DELETE THEM.

Keep Educational Apps In Your Phone

Scrolling through social media is fine when you do it for a limited time. Here’s how you can make your scrolling more productive. Download the educational apps and make full use of them. There are so many players in the EdTech Industry now. But the Best App for CA Students is the Edu91 App. Why not we make the most use of our addiction?

You can find a variety of courses on Edu91 ranging from subject related to skill development. Both of which are important for you to become a competent CA. It has courses from different teachers skilled in their respective fields. Along with CA Intermediate Classes, you can find Courses on Financial Planning, MS Excel for Finance and Accounting Professionals, etc. It is a gem of an app for every CA student. That’s the reason why it has over 1,00,000 downloads.

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Turn Off Push Notifications

A simple way to cut down distraction is to turn off notifications for as many apps as you can. You will check your phone less if you receive fewer notifications. You can easily turn off the notifications by changing your phone settings. Before reading this blog further go & change your phone settings. Trust me guys, this trick will help you a lot in reducing your phone usage. 

Use A Real Alarm Clock

Guys, please start using a real alarm clock instead of the mobile phone. If your phone is the thing that woke you up it became the first thing you reach for in the morning & ultimately you get attracted towards it. Shifting to the traditional alarm clock will help you in decreasing the mobile phone usage in the morning. 

Set Boundaries For Smartphone Usage

Telling yourself constantly that you should “use your phone less” isn’t that much effective, because that phrase is too common. Instead, you have to set specific boundaries to limit your phone usage. Here are some examples:

– Make mealtime a phone-free zone

– No usage of the phone at social events

– No phone usage during in-person conversations

– Don’t use phone in the bedroom

Start with an easy one, and add one by one. Over the time, you’ll notice a huge difference in your phone usage.

Mute Group Chats

I have muted all my group chats & this helps me a lot. We all are added in multiple groups like a family group, college group, school group, cousins group, office group & many more. When you mute group chats, you don’t get bombarded by messages throughout the day. Muting group chat is a more polite way instead of leaving the group. 

Wear A Watch Instead Of Checking Time On Phone

We mostly use our phone to see the time. I am sure this happened to all of us before “We look at our phone to see what time it is. And as we did this, we see a flood of Facebook notifications and text messages. Then we start going through them, and in the blink of an eye, 15 minutes have gone by. Wear a watch is the one way to prevent all this from happening. 

Keep Your Phone In Another Room While Working Or Studying

When my phone is around me no matter how hard I try I got distracted & I keep checking my phone within every 15-20 minutes. I think the same thing happens with most of us. So I found a solution for this. Whenever I sit for study I keep my phone away from me & I keep it in another room. This trick helps me a lot in concentrating on my work & studies. Guys try this trick & let me know in the comment section is it helpful for you or not?

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Smartphones are meant to help us lead better & productive lives but this addiction affects our relationships, work & life. By following the tips mention in the article your phone addiction will definitely reduce. I hope you like this article, share this with your friends & family who according to you are also phone addict. Also, share your tips & opinions to overcome phone addiction in the comment section.