Are you all bothered about how to prepare for the examination in the months to proceed? And are you all bothered about how to discipline your studies? Are you not able to plan and concentrate? Then let me tell you that you have found the right place. Here we are sharing some hacks that you need to follow that will increase your concentration on studies for long hours and make it more disciplined. We are sharing three important tips also at the end, 3 bonus tips so keep on reading. Before you go ahead let us look at the real problem.

  • I get bored and feel sleepy!
  • This subject is too boring!
  • I keep checking my phone!
  • I just can’t sit and read for more than 2 minutes.

Do you all have the same problem? Do you all come through the same situation every now and then? Let me tell you a secret that successful people don’t feel any of these problems. Calm down, Calm down I am not scaring or demotivating you. If they can why can’t you? The question is why do we become like that? And how can we overcome it? Here are the solutions to all your problems.

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Why You Lag Behind?

Let’s take an example, imagine yourself being in a car on a beautiful mountainous track. Now, what if you are sitting on the back seat of the car. Chances are initially you will be looking out for the scenery or you would be looking in front to keep the track of the beautiful terrane. But after some time you are going to get bored. You will start looking at your phone or you are going to call off to sleep or ask the driver how long it’s going to be.

Now let us imagine you are on the driver’s seat now no matter how many distractions are there how much hunger you feel or your phone is ringing you are going to cut out everything focus entirely on every oncoming vehicle and the bends.

The question is why so much difference? The question actually is for us. Are we in our life on driver’s seat or is it someone else driving our vehicle? Are we taking charge or are we blaming someone else for our problems? You know our brain is a superpower, so control it before it rules you.

Distraction and direction are inversely proportional. When one goes up the other goes down.

There are chances you are gonna slip right back into your old way of thinking and which is why each morning you wake to ask your self Am I in the driver’s seat of my life? Have I taken responsibility for everything that happens to me today and soon believe me it’s going become a habit and you will start taking charges for things happening in your life.

How to Overcome Distractions?

No one ever taught us how to concentrate nor our parents nor books that we read in school. Yes, they always used to point us with the question to concentrate but no one taught us how?

Attention is like muscle. The more you work out the more it enhances.

So, let’s play a game that will help you boost your concentration and focus level.

The 20 Minutes Slot

Malcolm Gladwell said

To become an expert at something you need to spend 10000 hours learning it!

Now guess what happens to us every day. We spend our 15 to 16 hours of being distracted. While talking to someone we check the phone. While reading books we check the phone. While going on a walk we check the phone and guess what you are becoming expert at. Yes, obviously at Distractions.

So, here are some hacks to overcome it. You have to practice it for 20 mins every day. And eventually, you are going to master on your own focus and concentration. Today take out 20 minutes of your time where you are alone and comfortable in a room, the room in which you find peace to study. Now complete eating and drinking before you go into that room and keep your phone and laptop outside. Start with your favourite subject. Take one textbook at a time don’t take 5-6 books together remember we are only talking about 20 minutes. One textbook, one notebook and a couple of coloured pens. And take an extra sheet which you are going to use as a Distraction Sheet.

Set your timer to 20 mins and when you think you are ready to begin, switch on the timer. Pick up your textbook and read actively, read aloud shut your book ask yourself questions. Maybe you want to make some notes try to see you remember what you studied.

Highlight, underline and you are going to find that suddenly something pops in your mind. Popping of that you had to call somebody or you need to respond to somebodies message. Now whatever distracting thoughts you get into your head put them on the distraction sheet lying to your side and come back to your study. Each time you get the distractions repeat the same.

At the end of 20 minutes stop the timer. It may happen that, you are not yet done with the topic you started don’t be bothered about that because scientific research has proven that our subconscious mind works more on uncompleted topics and brain functions to remember it. Take 10 minutes break, move aside the place relax recall what all you read. Set the timer again and repeat the game.

It may happen that, you did not cover much but, what accomplished in these 20 minutes is as deep as what you could have accomplished in the whole hour. Gradually try to increase the number of slots you take. Don’t be in a hurry to increase the length of the slot.

Summing up

These are the only three rules that you need to follow to make this activity a success.

  • Rule 1. Every time you have a distraction on your mind pen it down on the distraction sheet.
  • Rule 2. Every time you feel you are totally losing the concentration close down everything and move out of the room.
  • Rule 3. Never Ever let your phone or laptop get in the room. This is your secret place, once you allow the distractions to in, they spoil the decor.

If you follow these three rules you are going to soon master on your own focus and concentration.

Healthy Body gives you a Healthy Mind

To keep your mind sharp and focused needs a healthy body. Eat a diet of healthy food, drink lots of water. Cut down on sugars because it makes you feel sleepy. Take ample sleep.

Sleep is brain food. Its a superfood for your brain.

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So, if you can get 7 hours of sleep every night you are going to increase the ability of your brain to focus and concentrate. The third thing you need to do is to exercise. Exercise increases blood circulation and carries oxygen to the brain and helps us to concentrate.

One more little practice session that you need to practice every day is called mindfulness some people call it meditation. But don’t be afraid of these words, it simply means one single task at a time and focusing on it. If you are taking to some only focus on the person don’t check your phone. When you are having your juice just think of the juice relish the taste and don’t watch television at the same time.

So the goal is that in every activity that you do during the day do one thing at a time with full concentration and your mind starts getting trained to focus on the activity taking part in

The more you sweat in peace the less you bleed in war.

The more you practice mindfulness and concentration in little things every day that attitude is going to carry with you in high-pressure situations of exams. and you are going to focus beautifully in those 3 hours.

How to develop an interest in boring topics?

Passion for focusing can be cultivated.

The first thing you need to do is don’t start reading the textbook right away on a new chapter or new topic cover to cover. Textbooks are not thrillers they are boring so before you open your textbook. Go to something interesting it may be either going through the revision video of the topic on youtube you are going to revise or it may be a documentary or slides on the web. These things take your mind to super interest mode and even the boring and the lethargic topic becomes interesting. The idea is to just seed the interest in before you get to your textbook.

Reward Yourself

The second thing you need to do is give yourself rewards. Now when we train our mind we need reward at the end. It may be allowing yourself to make that phone call to your friend or it may be going own walk-in pyjamas where you don’t have to think of what to wear to move out. it could be playing with your pet helping out your mum. spending time with family or it could be just grabbing that piece of chocolate once in a while.

Vary your study techniques

Talking about theory subjects If you are reading from the textbook one time. Try to pen down the things in other to cross-check whether you remember the things or not. This is the problem students face during the exam they lack the writing practice and this shrivels them down in the exam even after having all the conceptual clarity to the content. Go to video the third time. try to do different things. Try to make notes to. pick up the colourful pens to make your notes attractive so, that your brain doesn’t freeze a day before the exam.

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Bonus Tips

The Focus on Fewer Things

A lot of people will tell you to write down your priorities and list them as A, B and C. They will tell to go for priority A right now to B later and if you get some time look at your C priority.

But Warrant Buffett says that he writes down his priorities into A, B and C. And he only goes for A. He actively deters you from looking at the B and C and he says those are the distractors.

Be Clear With Goals

Sometimes the reason we are not able to focus on our goal is that we haven’t written down our goal clearly enough then how about if we take a piece of paper and write down our goal very clearly of one week and one month that you want to achieve.

Start saying NO.

Many people will say to be positive say yes to the things. But I am telling you to start saying no. And this is in tandem with a focus on fewer things when somebody comes to you with an idea the chances are you may slip out of your schedule. Tell the person to let me think about it. I will strongly suggest you sleep over the idea wake up the next morning and unless it is exactly in line with your priority a say No.

Wish you find it helpful. Wish the tips help you push the barriers and enables you to overcome the inherited limitation. Comment us and let us know how effective you found. You may also share your own hacks that can be pinned to the page. Keep on moving work hard. Be the best version of you.

All the best!