Have you ever thought to scuba dive without guidance? Then this article is not for you, because one should definitely understand the line between adventure and stupidity. You must be wondering about the relation between scuba diving and CA coaching. Patience! If you want to become a CA, practice that. Coming to the nagging point, I would like to reveal the connection. Just like an ocean, CA’s depth will drown you. At that point, a coach is important to tell you what to do. Where to dive? Where to enjoy the rocks and fishes? When to pull yourself out?

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It is surely no easy task to chose CA coaching. You will be duped if you don’t stay erect and watch ahead. So, here are the few points you should keep in mind before choosing CA coaching.

How to choose CA coaching?

1. Choose your comfortable mode of CA Coaching

Before choosing where to join, you need to decide your mode of classes. Are you only pursuing CA? Or you are doing other courses along with it which are keeping you busy? In case you are dedicated to CA, it is better to go for full-time coaching, otherwise choose coaching centers with flexible timing. If not, for hassle-free coaching choose online classes or pen drive classes which will let you learn wherever and whenever you can at your own pace.

2. Selective coaching from experts

Before I forget to mention about the wand in the hands of brilliants, those who can self learn theoretical subjects and need help on practical subjects can go for Selective Coaching. Take coaching only for those subjects which are difficult for you to understand and do self-study for others. Expert coaching will help you tackle difficult subjects better. This is pocket and time friendly. 

PS: Be very cautious while considering selective coaching. Be truthful to your capabilities. Introspect and access your strong and weak points and base your decisions on that.

3. Explore available CA coaching centers

Every place has an education hub with various hoardings hanging down their buildings. Before stepping into every building make sure to conduct an online search. It is primarily a good idea, but don’t neglect offline resources. Make sure to step in exclusive institutions for CA coaching instead of those providing coaching for various competitive exams. Don’t go by advertisements and passing percentage, CA institutions credibility is in their schedules, materials and guiding faculty.

4. Question before you join

Don’t fall for roaring institutions and self-appreciation. Be very careful and ask questions you have in mind. Ascertain and compare the shortlisted institutions in terms of their coaching quality, faculty, timings and student testimonials. Opinions are truthfully off the records. Make sure to talk to students who already took coaching from there. Maybe there are few things about coaching center going around in the air. Don’t catch hold of the gossips, but make sure to inquire possibilities.

5. Learn about the faculty providing CA coaching

It is important to know the background of faculty in the coaching institution. They play an important role in integrating knowledge with learning. Learn about their qualification, teaching experience and teaching patterns from old students before finalizing on any coaching institution. If there is a possibility of the same faculty taking lectures personally, I suggest to join them there. Few things are better taught in personal space.

6. Institute materials for reference

Although ICAI study materials are never to be neglected, it will be convenient to find a coaching institute with summarized materials. These will help you to prepare and revise all the concepts without any fuss. Subject-wise materials will have concepts summarized briefly, case studies and practical questions. These materials should be updated periodically with suggested answers.

7. On-time completion of syllabus and Mocks at the end

Most institutes fail to complete the syllabus on time. This will delay your preparation schedule and also the frequency of mock tests. So, make sure to check their past record of syllabus completion and timely schedule.

Mock tests help you to build self-confidence, manage stress and time for exams. Chapter-wise mock tests and tests from the qualified and experienced professionals provide insights into concepts covered. Tests should cover the amended syllabus and prepare you for the main exam.

8. Back up and reading rooms

Few institutes provide back up classes and tutor classes for weak students. Verify which institute has these facilities in comparison to others. Coaching institute should be able to facilitate the interactive session with subject faculty. Personal care to clear your doubts and guide you through difficult syllabus is the prominent point in coaching center selection.

It is really tiring to follow a consistent reading discipline. Studying at home is hard for many. So, reading room availability in coaching centers will facilitate your preparation in the future. These reading rooms will create a competitive yet peaceful environment for learning.

9. Special preparation schedule

CA exams require months of preparation. To reduce this syllabus mountain you need disciplined preparation and patience. Timely completion of the syllabus by coaching centers with pre-scheduled preparation time for the examination is important for success. A coaching center should be able to provide you with an effective preparation schedule compatible with all the students. This will create a group study environment where students can help each other.

10. Compare fees structures of various CA coachings

On the basis of amenities provided by institutes, their fees structure vary. It is important to compare your needs with the facilities provided by institutes. Don’t fall prey to exploited fees structure of coaching institutions. Make sure to compare the fees of different institutions and also I would like to remind you to check the quality of the institution before paying the fee. Compare subject wise fees with the complete package. Also, make sure to compare offline and online prices. Once you join, you need to continue until the end of the coaching, so make sure to join the best.

If you ask me, go ahead and spend some time to choose the coaching institute. The time you spend now is the time you save later. Do not compromise and settle for less. Choose best and learn better.

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Happy coaching! All the best!