Hey Guys! We are back again with a very important announcement on GST Amendments. 

In this article, we are going to talk about GST Amendments for November 2019 exams. First thing came in our mind when we came to know about amendments in the syllabus is Why God Why? I definitely say this line every time whenever I came to know about any amendment in my course. Are you thinking of skipping these amendments? Are you find it difficult to study these amendments? Let me tell you one good news, we are going to teach you all the amendments in the form of video lectures absolutely free of cost.

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Importance of Amendments

One question came in our mind here is that is it necessary to study these amendments? What if we skip this? And the answer to all these questions is Yes we need to study these amendments. We can not skip this at any cost. All these amendments are extremely important from exam point of view. There are Amendments in almost every chapter of GST for November 2019.

GST amendments are important for exams & they will be asked in the exam for sure.

We are expecting the weightage to be 15 to 20 marks. So please guys don’t miss any amendment. I m repeating it again all the amendments are extremely important and we can not afford to skip any of this. 

GST Amendment Playlist

Yes, you read this right. We have made a complete playlist of all the GST amendments applicable for November 2019 on youtube. We have made this playlist so that you all can study these amendments without any hassle. Are you still thinking of skipping these amendments? And the answer should be No. There is no reason to skip it now. You are getting all the videos free of cost. You just need to put your efforts into watching this playlist & study.

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GST Notes

Along with video lectures we are also providing you with all the amended notes in pdf format. You can download these notes free of cost from our website or mobile app Edu91. There is no point of missing these amendments now as you are getting all the videos & notes free of cost without any inconvenience.

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Guys take advantage of these videos & notes & start preparing your best. Just give your best in this attempt & make your teachers & family proud. All the best!