The CA exams for November 2019 are just two months away and the ICAI has already launched the RTPs for November 2019. With the constant changes happening in Law it is very important for CA students to be in-line and keep themselves updated about the happening of the real world. For this very reason, ICAI issues amendments through Revision Test Papers before every attempt which are applicable in the upcoming exams. Not only for the practical reason but to score well in exams it is a must for students to be aware of these changes and be thorough with it. Today, we are going to talk about the CA Inter/IPCC Law Amendments for November 2019 and from where to study these amendments, so read on to score good marks in Law.

CA Inter/IPCC Law Amendments for November 2019

The amendments for November 2019 Law exams are just in the Company Law section. The students appearing in the November 2019 CA IPCC or CA Inter exams are required to refer to the amendments made till 30th April, 2019 only. Any amendment made after this date is not applicable for November 2019 exam.

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How important are amendments in CA exams? Should I skip it?

If you’re even asking that question then you are in grave danger. Amendments are a very important part of the CA exams. A good chunk of marks can be scored by preparing the amendments. With the onset of Multiple Choice Questions, the amendments become all the way more important. In CA exams, it is very important to be detail-oriented. If you haven’t studied thoroughly then you might be tricked by the questions, especially in theory subjects like Law. So, the answer to the first question is – very important. And the answer for the second question is a big fat NO.

From where to study CA Inter/IPCC Law Amendments for November 2019

Now that you know the importance of amendments, the question arises from where to study them? Of course, the RTP issued by ICAI for November 2019 is the Bible for amendments but for some of us, it might be a bit intimidating. RTP for Law alone is of 77 pages and since it is a theory subject, it might even get boring and confusing. So, from where to study CA Inter/IPCC Law Amendments for November 2019 exams? From the link below-

This is one gem of a video which will help you to cover the amendments in just 90 minutes. Isn’t that great? Truth be told, it is easier to watch a 90 minutes video than reading a 77 pages book. Study the Law amendments for November 2019 exams from the video and be prepared to score well in the exams. 

Let’s start a conversation in the comments. If you have any queries related to the November 2019 exams drop them in the comments below. And if you see any query and you know the answer, then drop your replies too?

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