We all know the importance of excel in today’s life. Excel is a spreadsheet software & it is important because it plays various key roles in many organisations. It saves time & makes our work easy.  Because of its importance employees are required to learn it to enter or to stay in an organisation. Most of the companies mentioned in their job description that they want employees who possess knowledge of Excel.It can be a big weapon for CA students because of its importance.

Features of Microsoft Excel Software:

  • It played an important role in doing calculations & formula based arithmetic.
  • Many organisations used this software for creating memos, track sales trend & other business data.
  • It has the ability to serve as a visual basic for different applications.
  • Its grid interface allows users to organise any kind of data.
  • This software has a flexibility feature which allows a user to manage the structure of information with ease.
  • Science background professionals can also use excel as it allows them to efficiently work with statistical formulas & graphing.
  • Small size organisations also use excel for performing their basic accounting activities.
  • Users can keep a track on their sale & purchase by using excel.
  • It has features of charts & graphs. By using these features users can present data in an effective manner.

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If you are a CA student having knowledge of this software is must for you as it is a software that is being used by all the CA Students and Qualified Chartered Accountants and those who are expert in it earns lakhs from this software. If you want to know how you can become job-ready by learning Microsoft Excel:

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I hope you all will learn & earn from this software. Share this article with your friends & family to motivate them to learn excel. Feel free to drop your queries in the comment section. All the best!