ICAI examination checking is once again in questions as one examiner was found evaluating ICAI standard sample answer books while travelling in a bus/tram. Yes, you read this right & the same is notified by ICAI on its official website.

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Here is the text of ICAI Notification

“It has come to the notice of the Institute that an examiner was found evaluating standard sample answer books while travelling in a bus/tram.
The Institute has instructed all its examiners to not to evaluate and carry answer books while travelling. Accordingly, the conduct of examiner is found to be in violation of the Instruction to examiners and against the professional ethics.
In view of the above, assignment for evaluation of Nov. 2019 examination has been immediately withdrawn and the examiner has been debarred for a period of ten years from the examiner-ship assignment. Further, the matter has also been forwarded to the Disciplinary Directorate to take necessary actions in the matter.
An advisory to strictly adhere to the Instructions of the Institute and to maintain Confidentiality, Fidelity and Secrecy of the evaluation have been issued to all examiners.”

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This case again raises questions on ICAI checking system. Why ICAI is not making any standard system of exam checking to stop all these fraudulent activities? This is a serious issue and we hope strict actions will be taken against the wrong-doers and adequate measures will be established at place. Hope you like this article, share it with your friends & family. Share your opinions & views on this matter in the comment section.