Hey guys, today we are going to talk about the CFP course. We are going to talk about what is the CFP Course? Benefits of the CFP Course. What is it’s scope? Who should do the CFP course? Also, the best CFP classes in Faridabad. And everything else about it. So, read on.

What is CFP Course?

CFP Course or Certified Financial Planner Course is a Certification course for the people who are aspiring to be a financial planner. The financial planner certificate is provided by the Financial Planning Standards Board. CFP is an internationally recognized course and is accepted across 26 countries.

What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB) defines financial planning as a “process of developing strategies to help people manage their financial affairs to meet life goals.” A Certified Financial Planner formulates strategies for people and helps them manage their finance in an effective manner.

CFP Course Structure

Pathways Education Qualification Examination
Regular HSC or 12th Pass at the time of enrolment Must clear all exams:

1. Risk analysis & insurance planning

2. Retirement planning & employee benefits

3. Investment planning

4. Tax Planning & Estate planning

5. Advanced Financial Planning

Challenge Advanced qualification like: CA/ Intermediate level, ICWA, CFA,

CAIIB, CS, P/hD, M.Phil, PG, Licentiate/Associate/ Fellowship of

Life Insurance, Actuary, FFSI & FLMI from LOMA, Civil Service

Examinations by UPSC are eligible for challenge status.

Advanced Financial Planning

Benefits of the CFP Course

A CFP certificate holder can opt for a wide range of career options. From banks, broking companies & other financial institutions for higher positions to opting consultancy as a profession. The choice is endless. Below are some of the benefits of the Certified Financial Planning course-

  • It is the most recognised & widely accepted certification of the financial industry across the globe.
  • CFP enhances employability at reputed positions.
  • It opens the opportunity to start your own consultancy business and builds trust amongst the clients.
  • Certified Financial Planning certification helps in career progression as it covers a wide range of topics ranging from investment planning to compliances.

Who should do the CFP Course?

If you are a person with a knack for finance, then this course is for you. Whether you are a B.com, a CA, a CS, a CMA, an MBA or even a working professional, if Finance and financial planning is something you want to build your career in then CFP is the course for you. This certification gives an edge to the candidates seeking highly paying and career-oriented jobs in the financial industry.

CFP Classes in Faridabad

If you’re living in Faridabad and want to build your career in the finance domain then you should definitely go for the CFP Course. It is an internationally recognized course and as a result, is quite tough to crack. But that shouldn’t stop you from achieving your dreams of being a Financial Planner. Sanguine Capital in Faridabad provided the Certified Planning Course and is going to help you achieve this dream of yours. 

About Sanguine Capital

Sanguine Capital in Faridabad is one of the leading training institutes in the financial industry. They prepare the candidates as per the international standards of CFP and enable them to take up leadership roles in financial planning or start their own financial consultancy business. It is their endeavour to cultivate a practical and logical approach in their candidates through a wider range of study materials, project works, group-discussions of international standards and a lot more.

Benefits of CFP Certification by Sanguine Capital

  • Detailed insights to each topic.
  • Practical exposure through case studies.
  • Project work for better understanding at the micro-level.
  • Special problem solving sessions for Q&A.
  • Faculty of strong industry professionals.
  • Convenient class timings for working professionals.

This was brief info on the Certified Financial Planning Course and CFP Classes in Faridabad. Hope it was of help. If you have any queries regarding the CFP Course or CFP Course in Faridabad, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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