How many of us chose CA as a course out of our own free will? I’d have to go ahead and say, not all of us. Just think about it. So many students. So many different possible situations. Some of us are here because it was our parents’ dream that we become a CA. On the other hand, the others because their parents forced them too. Some of us became victims of emotional blackmails from our parents. Whereas, the others got caught up in the circle of comparison with other kids. A proper informative session on the career options was not provided to all of us. In this article we are going to discuss the story of a similar student who skips his exams, a CA student cycled from Ranchi to Singapore to fulfil his passion.

After passing out High Schools, it is essential that the scope to discover our area of interest is given to us. Once we know what we are interested in, we can train ourselves with the accredited institutions that provide education in that particular field. We can polish ourselves to the level of perfection so that when we pursue our career in that field, we give our best.
The basic timeline should be –

To discover our area of interest
Completely educate ourselves in that area
Give our best while finally stepping out into the world and applying our knowledge

There are times when we get caught up at a place where we either don’t belong or where we don’t want to be. We remember only those who succeed to break through and come out of this ploy as legends. One such legend is Himanshu Goel, about whom we are going to talk.

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About Our Hero


Himanshu Goel, a 24-year-old CA Student from Delhi, recently came into the limelight. On 20th August 2019, he took his bicycle and set out on a journey of 6000 km, aiming to cover six countries in 60 days.

About the Journey


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Stretching from Ranchi to Singapore, Himanshu crossed Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia on the way. He took a regular cycle with himself, which couldn’t carry much load. So he just had his puncture equipment, air pump, a few clothes, first aid kit, water bottle, phone, inflatable mattress, sleeping bag and camping gear.
In an Instagram post, Himanshu says, “The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man. Other forms of transport grow daily, more nightmarish. Only the bicycle remains pure in heart.”
He utilized Google Maps and Map.Me to guide himself throughout the road-journey.

The Gap Between Rides

During the night, when Himanshu had to find shelter for himself, he mainly relied on the kindness of strangers. Himanshu did quite well with the help of good people he met, even with no sponsors to support him. The young guy lived his dream, keeping his pocket in check. Well, he’s a CA Student after all. Keeping the budget in check runs deep through his veins.

Challenges on the Way


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What’s a journey if it’s all good and merry? The whole purpose of travelling is to step out and experience the trip. It is good as well as bad out there. The entire point is to gather experiences and learn from them. Hence, Himanshu talks about some of such moments.
In Malaysia, “I was followed by a guy on a bike who had a knife and a stone.” says Himanshu. “He removed the air from my tires and threatened to hit me if I didn’t give him money. He finally disappeared with just my watch. I got back to my hostel and cried.”
Himanshu shares another experience. While crossing Assam, he fell off his cycle with a car grazing past him. His shoulders bled. But, like a real fighter, he got up, cleaned himself up, and resumed his journey.

The Blooming Outcome


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Now, we can use a bucket full of words about how he must have felt about this whole expedition. But, the truth is, no words can describe the inner peace that Himanshu experienced. We know how liberating it must have been for him. How do we know that? We know that because this guy skipped his CA Final exams to go out and live his dreams. To finally take a step towards what we want takes real courage. Most of us don’t even know what we want. Himanshu did, and he broke all the shackles to live his life the way he always dreamt of. Moreover, also if we know what we want, not all of us dare to stand up and crawl our way there.

The Takeaway for CA Students

Why is Himanshu Goel a topic of discussion right now? Because we all know how it is to be in a course we don’t want to be. We all need to realize that our goals can change midway. We might set out thinking that CA is what we want to do. But after covering half the way, we might realize that we are interested in Law. It is essential to acknowledge the fact that it is okay to leave something for what we want. There is no point clinging to our previous path, ignoring our inner call. We are not a loser to leave something that was not giving us mental peace. We are a loser if we continue down a path that eats us up from within. A real hero is the one who realizes what they want and starts working towards achieving it.

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Suppose we become a CA and get a good job. But we hate every single minute spent in the office. We cringe every time we file a return. Also, We curse every time we use Tally. Despite working in a CA firm, our heart goes to searching Law Colleges over Google. In that case, even if we earn lakhs of money, we are not successful. However, when we leave behind the thing holding us back and take admission in Law College, we live our life to the fullest. Upon getting a Law degree, every single day spent in the office would feel like moments of bliss. In this case, we might not be a CA, but we are a Lawyer and a successful one. We have lost the battle but won the war. We are at peace with ourselves. And that’s all that matters.

So Guys what do you think about this? Is it worth to sacrifice exams for your passion? Will you sacrifice your exams for your dreams & passion? Share your views on this step taken by Himanshu Goel in the comment section below & if you like this article share it with your friends.