Preparations are going on the peak as we are aware that CA exams are approaching near. The students are feeling a tremendous amount of pressure due to exams fear. Well, the pressure is bound to be felt and can’t be removed totally. But we can overcome it with the proper preparations and revisions. We should put all our efforts in the best manner so for this we are going to discuss some basic dos and don’ts during CA exams preparation. The thoughts we share in this blog are very common and known to all. It’s just that we forget or miss to apply them in the last hours due to exam pressure. So firstly, let’s start with the do’s as these are the things for which we may need to put a little bit extra effort in the CA exams preparation.

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Utilize the first 15 minutes in the best possible manner

The first 15 minutes are the most important time of the exam in which everyone has to design the best execution of their exam. It is the most common advice one can give. One has to plan the actions of the next three hours in those 15 minutes. The kinds of stuff which should be strategies are

  • The questions which you have to attempt first
  • choose the question to start with, in which you are confident you will answer best
  • the proper sequence while trying those questions
  • The amount of time which you have to spend on answering each question.

Although this is something which may be decided even before entering the exam hall. It can be moulded in those 15 minutes as per the requirement. (We are sharing the Number of minutes to be spent on a question according to allotted marks at the end of this blog.)

Adhere Proper Timing Schedule

Time scheduling is very important to ensure to attempt 100% questions in CA exams. The common mistake committed by students is they go on with the in-hand problem even if the time allotted for that question has elapsed. Remember, if you are doing this, you cost your marks of another problem which you’ll be leaving due to want of time. The ICAI is screaming about step-marking these days, understand the meaning of that and apply accordingly. If any question has already consumed more than the allotted time. Then leave space for the rest of the solution and move forward. If time allows, come back to that question and complete that in the end. 

Start Every Question (or part thereof) from the Next Page

Starting every new question (or part thereof) from the next page gives clear visibility to the checker. It is not something mandated by the ICAI, but it has to be done to ensure that no question goes unchecked and unrewarded. We all hope to get Article 39(4) scrapped to get the re-evaluation right, but why to take the long route. That should be last resort to avoid any injustice to the students.

Do Proper Margin

Margining the answer sheet is very important in theory exams. We already provided with the left side margin. But you should also draw the right side margin as well of similar width. So, technically, there was only 60-65% of the page left to write on. The answers appeared of decent lengths and also the presentation looks nicer. You might argue with me that in exams like CA, only quality matters and not the length of answers. You’re correct, the length of answers does not matter technically, but psychologically it does. You should try this, it does not have any drawbacks but only advantages to offer, so why not to adopt that.

Use Only Black Ink Pen

CA Exams Preparation

It is more sort of reminder only, as ICAI has issued a notification for students to write with black ink pen only. Perhaps this is done to get better-scanned copies of answer sheets. Well, this doesn’t involve any planning, keep this in mind.

Be Hydrated

There is an age-old saying, “a healthy mind stays in a healthy body”, so take proper care of your body, especially during the exam days. Take proper meals at regular intervals and keep taking water to stay hydrated enough. These are the fundamental things which can overlook easily, but that should not be the case. Take excellent care of yourself. It does matter.

Have Proper Sleep during CA Exams Preparation

Do not gamble with your sleep. Take proper 7 hours of sleep every single day. Your mind needs to be fresh enough to tackle the questions to answer them. Further, do not try to sleep in afternoon time (especially in 2-5 slot) in non-exam days otherwise you will feel sleepy in the exam hall on exam day at that time.

We are now moving on the Don’ts section of this blog.


Don’t Use Full Textbook for Revision

The simple logic is the time is less while the content is so big. You should use summary notes for revision purpose. Otherwise, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of syllabus which needs to be covered. There is no way to cover the whole text of your syllabus on the day before the exam (allowances excluded), and hence on this time summary notes have their own importance. Summary notes work as a saviour during those in-between exam leaves and therefore should give due respect.

Don’t Discuss your Previous Exam with anyone

Trust me, we do feel like doing so, but while doing this, we are inviting troubles for us. If you like talking to your friends, that’s okay but don’t discuss exams (I wonder what other topics you might have to discuss other than exams) it’s better to be at a distance at least during exam days. Because when you discuss exams and if your friend says that his exam didn’t go well, you become reluctant. And on the other hand, if he says his exam went extremely well, you become under-confident. Remember, everyone is fighting on his own and is bound to be awarded marks for the matter he has written in his answer sheet only. It’s a matter of a few days, can be done easily so avoid it as possible as you can.

Don’t Use Social Media during CA Exams Preparation

We all know that social media is the biggest deviator in today’s world. You go to Facebook to scroll feeds, and you find yourself spending hours surfing over there. It can be disastrous during exam days, so avoid that totally unless it is vital.

How to Create Time Schedule

As stated above, here is the formula to calculate Number of minutes to be allotted for questions of various marks. You need to multiply the maximum marks of any question with 1.6 to arrive at the Number of minutes to be spent on that question. See below the tabular presentation

Maximum Marks of Questions Calculation of Minutes Number of Minutes (roundoff)
1 1*1.6 2
2 2*1.6 3
4 4*1.6 6
5 5*1.6 8
6 6*1.6 10
8 8*1.6 13
10 10*1.6 16
12 12*1.6 19
16 16*1.6 26
20 20*1.6 32

As mentioned earlier, if you had done with the allotted time for a given question, leave space for that and move ahead. Practically, theory questions take a lesser amount of time to complete and hence you can always come to those incomplete questions and complete them to attempt your exam in its entirety. Twenty minutes should be allotted for review purpose also so that if there is any mistake you can make it correct.

Hope this blog will be of some use to you. If you have any question, do leave that in the comment section below, I will be happy to respond. Many thanks for sparing time and reading this. All the very best !!