In this era of digital world where everything is available easily on the internet, online classes have become a common thing. Nowadays online classes have become a very popular mode of education among students. According to a study, today’s generation prefers online classes more than the traditional way of classes i.e face to face classes. This updated model of education provides many benefits to students and students find online education more convenient than the traditional model. In this article, we are going to provide you with all the necessary details about online education & will discuss the advantages of the online classes for CA students. Let’s just first understand what is online classes & how it is different from face to face classes.

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Meaning of Online Classes

Guys, do you use Youtube, Netflix, Hotstar etc.? I think the answer to this question should be yes by at least 90% of the students. Online classes are almost like this. The online course doesn’t require attending the face to face classes on a particular location. With the help of online classes, you can study anywhere at any time on your mobile phones, tablets or laptops etc. Yes, you read this right, you can study anywhere at any time without any hassle. Studying online is as simple as watching entertainment shows on youtube or hotstar. 

Mode of Online Classes

There are three most popular modes of online classes:

  • Mobile Classes – 
  • Google Drive Classes
  • Pen Drive Classes

Each mode is slightly different from each other like mobile classes will work only on the mobile phone while other modes will work on a desktop or laptop.

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Difference Between all the Three Modes of Our Classes

Advantages of Online Mode of Classes

I hope now you all understand the concept of online classes & you all are now able to figure out the basic benefits of online mode of classes. Let’s just discuss all the advantages of online classes quickly:


Online mode of education provides us flexibility. We can study anywhere at any time according to our convenience. In online mode of education, we are not bound to sit & study in a classroom in a particular manner as we used to do in face to face classes. If you are a working student or you are doing your articleship, you can easily manage study time which is quite difficult in face to face mode of class. 

Saving in Travelling Time & Travelling Cost

In the online mode of education, we can watch classes at our own place, we don’t need to travel anywhere. We can watch the class where we want or where we are comfortable. But in face to face mode of class, we have to commute to tutor’s place. This will consume a lot of time & money. So we can save our travelling time & cost by taking online classes. It is more convenient for us in comparison to traditional mode. 

No Issue of Class Clashing

It is a major issue we face in our coaching lives. There is always a problem of class clashing in front of us in face to face mode of classes. Most of the time we are busy in managing our class schedules. But let me tell you one thing online mode of class has just sorted out this issue in a very simple manner. In online mode of class we can watch our lectures at any time or whenever we are free. 

We don’t need to go & attend that early morning 8 ‘o’clock class which will get started at the accurate time. And then we don’t need to rush to another class which probably will get started at 8:30. We can manage our class timings easily in the online mode of class. So if you are someone who is facing this issue every single day just switched to online mode & see how your life will be sorted.

Magic of Rewind

Yes, you read this right. In online mode of class, you will realise how magical is the rewind option. In case of doubt or confusion, you can just rewind your lecture & watch that topic again. According to me, it is boon for students because in most of the cases if we have any doubt in any topic we feel shy or we are not comfortable in discussing it with our teacher in front of everyone. But in the online mode of class, we can easily go back to that particular doubted line or topic & see it again.

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Able to See Lectures Multiple Times

The major benefit of online classes is we can see the lectures multiple times which is not present in face to face classes. Online classes are recorded format of classes which we can view multiple times. Yes, you read this right, in online classes multiple views are available that means you can watch classes more than once. We attend face to face classes once and it is not possible for us to go back in past & attend the exact class again. But it is possible in the online class. 

For example, if you have watched the income tax lectures today & then you want to watch those lectures again after 2 months you can watch them in the online mode of classes because of the multiple views option. 

No More Problem of Missed Classes

For me, it is the greatest advantage of the online class. This just made my life so sorted. Let’s admit this we all miss our classes because of our sleep or ill health or any personal commitment. And after missing a class we have to hustle for backup. If the teacher is not providing backup we have to suffer the loss of an entire chapter. The online classes have just resolved this issue. In online classes there is no boundation to watch lectures at any particular time, we can watch the classes whenever we want. So no more class has been missed by us as if we are busy on any day we can watch the lectures the next day easily. 

Study at your Own Speed

Yes in the online mode of classes, there is an option of speed adjust. We can study at our own speed. We can easily manage the speed of classes. So it is also an important benefit of online classes which is not available in face to face classes. In the traditional model of classes, we have to study according to the teacher’s speed or we have to adjust our speed according to teachers speed. While in the online mode we can adjust the speed according to our convenience.

One Extra Advantage of Pendrive Classes

In pendrive classes, a pen drive is provided to us in which all the lectures are stored. We can use this pendrive for storing our personal data after expiry of the lectures. We just need to format the pendrive & then we can use it for personal use. This is an extra benefit of pendrive classes available only in pendrive mode of classes. 

These are some advantages of online classes & according to me, online classes are more beneficial for all the students. By keeping these advantages in mind we should switch to online classes as it is more convenient for us. 

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