Since we are in an age where any social stuff spreads like fire in the forest & so is the case with negativities as well. Our mind pays attention to negative things more usually than the positive ones. You will find there are a lot of people who crib about the situation they are in, but let me tell you a fact that whatever situation you are in currently or you would be in future, will be all because of the actions you have taken so far, or you will be taking. So, focus on the areas that you can work on and change your present & future instead of cribbing. Well, while doing so, you will face many negative thoughts, and this blog is all about how to avoid those negative thoughts while moving ahead. In this blog, we are sharing 5 tips to avoid negative thoughts

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Tips To Avoid Negative Thoughts

Following are some tips to avoid negative thoughts:

1. Ignore

Tips To Avoid Negative Thoughts:

This is the most basic thing you can do to prevent negative things from entering into your mind. You must have come across a few persons saying, “Oh! You are pursuing CA? My nephew is also doing the same, and it’s been 6 years, and he couldn’t clear his finals.” So, they have thrown the bouncer at you by saying this, and now it’s totally up to you how you take that, either you want to get hit on your head by the ball, or you want to let that ball pass by you. Just note one thing, the people saying negative things have no idea what your journey is all about. So, don’t pay much heed to them. In the process, you may find some good people as well who actually want to see you succeed, treat them nicely.

2. Roam With Positive Mindset People

Tips to avoid negative thoughts

Keep in touch with more positive people, those who believe in themselves and take onus for their thoughts and actions. There is a saying that you are an exact average of 5 people with whom you spend most of your time. So, here you have got the answer. You need to keep your company right. If you roam who crib about their conditions, sooner or later you will also start to crib and that too without being subconsciously aware of it. Try to have tea or lunch with people who are more positive mindset oriented and who believe in achieving their goals. This will inspire you as well to do well in your field with a positive attitude.

3. Having Fear Is Normal

Having a fear inside is pretty normal. You should not try to remove that fear completely from your inner-self. Remember when Arjuna was facing Kauravas in Mahabharata, Lord Krishna asked him, “Do you feel feared?” To which Arjuna replied, “Those must be warriors of wood who don’t feel fear, my fear keeps me vigilant.” I believe that was the golden answer. You must have some fear inside you. Otherwise, you won’t feel motivated enough to study or work whatever you have to do. Sometimes, the negative motivation helps, just keep in mind – what is at the stake if you don’t do something which you have to do.

4. Backing Yourself Is Must 

You may fall to any particular situation in life, that may be worse than what you have ever thought. But at that time, having faith in God and more importantly in yourself is so necessary. One should have a feeling that he can always achieve that height or even more at which he was earlier. E.g. US President Donald Trump, who lost almost everything in 1995 & regained that all over again &even more than that. What decides the fortune of any person is how much confidence he has in himself. So, whatever the situation be, back yourself completely.

5. Learn From Mistakes

Learning from mistakes is something which creates the difference between an average achiever and an excellent achiever. Any great invention did not happen in a single trial, and hence there were mistakes, and it was obvious because there wasn’t a set pattern to build anything. But during those mistakes, one thing was good that the inventor was learning the ways that won’t work in the intended direction. In the words of Thomas A. Edison, “I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. The meaning of this line becomes huge because with every mistake he was learning something. Hence, committing mistakes is normal, but it is very vital to learn from them and not to commit them all over again.

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A negative thought crossing your mind is pretty normal; it does happen very often. The skill to learn here is how to get over that in a quick time. The game is all about how quickly you brush aside a negative thought and make your mind up to work in the needful direction. It’s not that something wrong will not come to your mind, just that you need to shift your mind in the shortest time possible. We hope you like this article. If you find it helpful share it with your friends & family. Also, comment below if you have any further points to add or you have any query on this.