Are you struggling to overcome laziness while studying? If yes, give this article a read. This article is all about how you can overcome laziness while studying. 

I think most of us experience the struggle of overcoming laziness while studying. Laziness is a situation when we have tons of work to do, but we don’t feel like doing it. Now when it is winter season, we just feel to crawl under a blanket. We feel lazier during the winter season than we usually feel. We all know how negatively this feeling impacts our work & study. But the thing is we are not able to do anything about it. If you are feeling the same, then wait I am here for the rescue. 

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In this article, we are going to share some tried & tested tips to overcome laziness. Wondering tried & tested on whom? On me, obviously! So let’s just jump to the tips:

Tips to overcome laziness while studying

Following are some tips that I am following & getting positive results:

Sit On A Desk Instead Of Bed While Studying

Our sitting position matters a lot while studying. Sitting on a chair or desk will help you stay active & alert while studying. I have found that most people don’t study their best when they study on the bed. The bed is supposed to make you lazy because the bed is the place where you sleep or rest. So when you sit on a bed you’re natural instinct is to just rest but you are trying to study in that condition. So there is conflict & the best thing to do will be to study at a place which is solely meant for studying. That helps a lot in keeping focus & study better in the long run.

Remove Distractions

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Distractions will make your lazier while studying. It’s better to remove all the distractions before you sit to study. You need to find what distracts you the most when you try to study. My biggest distraction is the mobile phone. I am easily get distracted in the name of research for studying & then not studying at all. So whenever I sit for study, I switch off my phone. You know yourself the best. You know what distracts you the most, so find your distractions & remove them.

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Avoid Sugary Stuff & Heavy Meal

Sugary stuff & heavy meal tends to make you feel more sleepy, it tends to make you lazy. Comparatively, protein-based food makes you stronger & more energetic. I usually study in the morning, so I don’t have a heavy breakfast. I have a problem with studying in the afternoon because I feel extremely sleepy after having lunch. So that is something applicable to me, you can decide if that is applicable to you or not. You don’t need to go on starvation to avoid laziness. Instead, you just need to take small & protein-based meals. 

Visualise Your Future & Goals

The next thing you can do if you wanna stop feeling lazy is you can visualise your future & goals. You can visualise what your future will be if you keep staying lazy now. You will probably not get to the places where you want to be. And have to do things that you really don’t want to do all because you were lazy in those days where you could actually make your future. If you want to be lazy today, you will have to pay the price in future. So why not work hard now & take all the rest you want later. You can take rest after a few hours of studying. But few hours you study I want you to give your best in that time being. 

Make A Plan Of Action

Before you sit down to study, have a plan of action ready. Make a list of the topics that you are going to study today. Making a study plan will help you organize & track down your performance easier. You can even make a to-do list using sticky notes & paste these sticky notes in front of your study table. This will help you remind what to do next & help you focus on your tasks. 

Guys being lazy is a normal thing & everyone experiences it. But you have to overcome this laziness & work hard for yourself & your future. I hope you like this article. If you found it useful share this with your friends & family. Also, let us know what you guys do to overcome laziness in the comment section. What do you feel when you are lazy or share your lazy thoughts in the comment section below. All the best!